Blood, Pus and Guts

Peek a Boo-6

DISCLAIMER  #1  If you are faint at the sight of BLOOD, PUS and GUTS you might want to skip this post.

DISCLAIMER  #2   Horses do not brush their teeth.

DISCLAIMER #3  Humans do not brush horses teeth…at least I never met any who did.


Horses eat hay and nibble on the ground all day.  In other words….. get over their dirty teeth.


Did you know horses need dental work just like us humans?


Peek a Boo-28Just like the human dentist the equine vet or dentist always starts with a needle.   This is actually a vaccination being given but you get the idea.  I could not photograph AND help Dr. Jessie hold GQ when the needle was going into his jugular vein with the sleepy medicine.

Peek a Boo-21Without sleepy medicine how else would you get a horse to stand still and hold his mouth open?  As you can see GQ is using all his concentration just to stay standing.  It is amazing how horses don’t fall completely when sedated.

Peek a Boo-10

This is Dr. Jessie.  She is one awesome equine vet.  She loves her job which she says includes lots of BLOOD, PUS AND GUTS.   My horses know Dr. Jessie and stand still for her even when she brings out the needles.  As you can see GQ has his head laying in a hanging sling.  Some vets use a stationary head stand but Dr. Jessie likes the sling.  GQ has no choice in the matter.

Peek a Boo-11GQ is doing a good job keeping his tongue out-of-the-way when Dr. Jessie goes in with her file.

Peek a Boo-16

Once some preliminary filing is done on goes the SPECULUM.  Now we can get a good look inside GQ’s mouth to see exactly what work needs to be done.  TeethYou see those sharp edges?  They are not comfortable for the horse. Peek a Boo-18Dr. Jessie lets me feels how sharp they are.  I think to myself ….. It is very nice when humans take care those edges for the horses.

Peek a Boo-19

Dr. Jessie gets right to work filing down those edges with a drill tool.

Peek a Boo-20

See how she does it.Peek a Boo-35

Are you are wondering how she runs the drill since she needs two hands to control the drill?  It is connected just like a sewing machine.  Now that takes some eye, hand AND foot coordination.

Peek a Boo-25

Dr Jessie is very nice to give GQ a break and while she gives him a break I get a lesson on horse mouth anatomy and how an over bite can cause a problem.  GQ does not care one bite…I mean bit.

Peek a Boo-22

We can’t let the break go on too long because the sleepy medicine might wear off and we don’t want that to happen.  So Dr. Jessie goes in for the final file down.  She’s not concerned about polishing but maybe some smoothing.

Peek a Boo-13When the speculum comes out but GQ is still in the sling a good flush is in order.

Peek a Boo-27Then once out of the sling and out of the stall Dr. Jessie gives GQ another nice flush.  Yes GQ was able to walk outside……very slowly.

Peek a Boo-33And this is how GQ stands for another 30 minutes.  Poor guy.  He will be back to normal in no time.

Peek a Boo-31 While GQ wakes up.  Chiron gets the royal treatment.   He needs his teeth done too.  Lucky boy.

Now I don’t want to go on and on with these kinda gnarly photo’s but I have to show a bite, I mean bit,  of Chirons exam.

Peek a Boo-29

Chiron is only 8 years old so his teeth look much different from GQ’s elongated teeth.

Did you know a horses teeth is one way to tell his or her age?

Peek a Boo-30

Chiron does not have an over bite in fact he has almost a perfect bite.  Mama Jo is proud.

Look at that smile!

Enjoy_-3Look at that schnoz!

Sorry I did not show any BLOOD, PUS and GUTS.

Maybe next time the vet comes.

Adios Amigos!

16 thoughts on “Blood, Pus and Guts

  1. I got to watch the same thing being done to the raptor’s beaks last week when I was volunteering. The only difference is the birds don’t get a shot, they get put into a sleeve with velcro tabs and then unceremoniously called a bird burrito. But they felt better after their beaks and talons were clipped and ground down. Thanks for the equine dental lesson.


  2. Having teeth floated is one way to keep that beautiful boy healthy thank goodness! Chiron is still a youngster and a cutie too! You have a wonderful vet thank goodness.
    Have a great week-end
    Marty’s Mom


    • No he is a very tolerant guy. He allowed the vet about 5 seconds to put her hand and half her forearm in his mouth to feel way back there, she could feel the sharp points. You are supposed to do it about once a year. Some horses can go several years though between “floats” which is what you call horse dental work. If their teeth are sharp some horses do become agitated when a bit is in their mouth and/or some may drop weight if they can’t chew properly.


  3. I didn’t know that horses needed dental works. But it looks really interesting – and amazing. I hope both GQ and Chiron enjoyed their “new” teeth afterwards even if they probably didn’t necessarily enjoy the treatment… Great photo essay, but the way.


    • Yes horses do need dental work even though they could probably tolerate not having it like horses do in the wild. I can’t tell if they are enjoying their dental work but I feel better knowing they don’t have to “tolerate” sharp points in their mouth. One day soon I must do a post about just how tolerant horses are of all the idiotic and cruel things humans do to them….dental work not being one of them. Thanks for your compliments.


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