Sasha’s Angel

Howdy-5Have you ever wondered what Sasha’s Angels look like?  Well here is one of them.  Say Hi to Wilbur or Willy or HOWDY.  Do you remember Howdy?

Born January 27, 2014  One cute puppy from that litter I kept blogging about several months ago.  Do you notice the resemblance to Sasha….Mama Sasha?HowdyImmediately once Mama Jo picks up the camera….this is what I got.  BARK BARK BARK   I remember this behavior.  Is he trying to tell me something? Howdy-3GROWL BARK GROWL BARK…..well not really growl.  I don’t think Howdy…I mean Wilbur knows how to growl.  I think he is telling me he remembers that big black thing staring at him. Howdy-4At least I think that is what he is trying to tell me. Howdy-6Here we go again.  How can you get upset or afraid of a “cuter that all get out”  puppy barking at you?   Howdy-7“The barking is not working.  What can I do to get her to stop pointing that black thing at me.” Howdy-8“I know, I’ll just stare at her.” Howdy-9“Staring is not working, I must posture.”  Sorry about the blur, settings not right.Howdy-11“Posturing did not work, what do I do now?” Howdy-10“I give up.  This rug smells familiar.” Howdy-13This is the wonderful family who adopted Wilbur.  From left Jim Fretz, Grandson Kolby, Grandma Clare and Evelyn Fretz.  They are from Tucson, Arizona.  Their home base is Livermore for their California vacation.  They traveled all the way from Livermore to Cohasset for a day trip to Sundog Ranch.  You see Evelyn, Clare and Kolby did not get to come on the initial trip to get Howdy…I mean Wilbur…..and they had to see Wilbur’s family and roots…..and where all that blogging was going on. Howdy-14Wilbur takes after his Mama Sasha and not just in looks.  He is amazingly mellow for a 6 month old puppy.    Howdy-15He is in love with his family and his family is in love with him.  He is Sasha’s Angel.  And let’s not forget, Daddy Shilo’s Angel too.   Howdy-17He is Mama Jo’s pride and joy. Howdy-16Can you tell Mama Jo is happy? Howdy-18Before leaving Wilbur had to take a sniff of lawn.  “Deja Vu” Howdy-20“There she goes.  That woman I remember.  With the big black thing pointing at me again.” Howdy-21“Everything is coming together now.”

“Life is Good”

Adios Amigos 🙂

18 thoughts on “Sasha’s Angel

  1. Oh How cool is that! I’ve been dying to see how those puppies turned out. Just gorgeous! Here is a pic of the winery day when Sasha knew she was preggy J Thanks for sharing!




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