Cowgirls Don’t Cry

Cowgirls don’t cry and this is why.IMG_9094

Who do you feel comfortable enough to do this with?  Besides your partner that is.  No this is not a Cialis commercial.

After a long ride there is nothing better than crawling in the stock tank.

Even if you have to share it.IMG_5638Of course we clean up pretty nice after the stock tank for cocktail time.

We are DCWARP!!

 I will remind you.  We are a “Drinking Club with a Riding Problem”IMG_5629This is what it is all about.

IMG_5619These days we don’t do TOO MUCH drinking like in the old days.

Yovie has learned her lesson.  Cheers to that.IMG_5639Do you like our T-shirts……. designed by yours truly?

IMG_5622Honestly we can’t drink too much because we have to figure out how not to get lost tomorrow when we are on our horses traveling through the high Sierra.

Been there done that.

We do ride you know.IMG_5653Here is proof.

The butterflies and giggles got Dawn even though it looks like Sadie is calm and ready to ride.photoThe ride this day is on the P.C. trail.

Pacific Crest Trail NOT the politically correct trail.  There is nothing politically correct about this group, the trail maybe but not the group.

photoHere is Rae with the huge, floppy hat.  She is frequently in front of me for some reason.

Can you hear the clip clop clip clop on the wooden bridge?

All 7 horses traveled across it back and forth with ease.

Could it have been because there was no water running underneath it?

NO!  Our horses are perfect partners.

photo 2Rae is in front of me again.

It took me 4 or 5 tries to take this photo.

It is not easy snapping photo’s on a horse.  They never stand still when you want them to.

Chiron wanted to charge right through these branches to get to Rae and Rio.

In case you are wondering we took the route to Highway 36.

Lassen Park park at 16.1 miles away was a bit farther that we wanted to travel.

photoBut we got to see Mt Lassen from the trail.  Absolutely no snow on it this year.IMG_5729When we get back to camp…I mean the lodge, there are chores to be done. IMG_5740Horses to feed.IMG_5743Friends to be made.IMG_5750More friends to be made.IMG_5755Relaxing to do.IMG_5687More relaxing to do. IMG_5704Loving to do. You goofball face.IMG_6000And more hanky panky to do.

Yes eventually we make our way to the lodge to get cleaned up for dinner. But while passing through the bar some one had to try out “The Pole”.

I recall “The Pole” getting some use the last few times we stayed at the St Bernard Lodge.


The infamous St Bernard Lodge.  Infamous to DCWARP members that is.

The St. Bernard is 10 miles West of Chester, Ca. on HWY 36.

They have excellent French Onion soup by the way.IMG_5811They don’t have live St. Bernards at the lodge anymore.  But Carol did not care.

She fell in love with “Bernard” anyway. IMG_5835

IMG_5974Of course tricks were played when Carol visited the restroom.IMG_5771Of course Bernard was put right back were he belonged for Apple pie. IMG_5874Of Course Carol had to do her Lawrence Welch impersonation.

It would not be a good DCWARP get together without it.IMG_5928AND of course dancing to follow while the band played.   Cowgirls don’t cry!IMG_5906And more dancing…….not the Lawrence Welk way.

Good thing we booked the whole lodge for the night.  IMG_5942When the wine stopped flowing it was time to order our breakfasts for the morning.

On the back of a paper place mat.

Looks like “The Hikers” breakfast for Deni and Carol.IMG_5950At St. Bernard we get an awesome, made to order breakfast to send us off into the mountains each day.IMG_6031Low and behold!  It is time for the after dinner before bed ritual.

No this is not Jesus and we are not going to midnight mass.

We are getting ready for a hot tub under the stars that fits at least seven.  And it is dark out there.

IMG_6059In the morning we do it all over again starting with feeding at 7AM…sometimes still in our jammies.

Can you get much better that this?

Before leaving the St Bernard I decided to snap a few shots for memories and to show you the whole picture.

Can you imagine us all sleeping together in those little rooms upstairs at night?

I can.

IMG_6073Look who happened upon my photo….Hi there Mr. Baldy Eagle and so long St Bernard Lodge.

Adios Amigos!

Sorry to have been gone so long.

Stay tuned for more summer tales.

Coming soon……

Trail Blazers

Return to Sundog

Labor Day at the Lake

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