Sundogs in the Snow

For my first post it seems appropriate to feature my dogs. I have five to be exact and many photos to put it mildly. Recently our place in Tahoe became available and so I planned a little get away with two of my Golden’s. Maisie my 5 yr old and her daughter 2 yr old Sasha. Maisie is pregnant and due to deliver any day. So a getaway to Tahoe was just what she needed before all the big work of raising pups. Everyday we went on a outing. One of our outings was along our favorite trail at he mouth of the Truckee River near our beautiful Lake Tahoe.

Miss Maisie Rose full of pups

Maisie, heavy with pups, watches at the top of a hill while her daughter Sasha races to the bottom of the hill after a bird in the Truckee River.
Shivering SwimSasha makes it to the water and despite the frigid temps dives right into the water after a bird. WOW THAT LOOKS COLD, CAN YOU FEEL THAT SASHA????? She does not seem phased at all except for the fact the bird hightailed it the other way up the river!!
untitledNov 12_-27DGoldensHere goes the the beautiful bird thankfully not in my dogs mouth. Can you tell me what kind of bird that was?
untitledNov 12_-87DGoldens Sasha exited the water just as fast as she entered it in fast and prime form after some other unsuspecting critter again.untitledNov 12_-90DGoldensEyes wide open with mom looking on.untitledNov 12_-100DGoldensOn the way back home Maisie looks down the hill again after Sasha as Sasha has to check ONE MORE TIME if any birds are left down there in that river. Last summer Maisie was the one chasing after the birds ….just wait. Next post…..A Winter Stroll on the Lake.

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