Winter Stroll on the Lake

untitledNov 12_-103DGoldensSasha’s White Magic

I have a good excuse as to why this post is so late!   Maisie had her puppies January 27th  and I have been keeping a watchful eye over them.  One of the pups was extremely  tiny so I had to put my nursing skills to good use and supplement the poor tiny guy so he could put some meat on his bones and compete with his brothers and sister for some much needed momma’s milk.    I’ve lost a pup before and I was not going to let that happen again.   Stay tuned for puppy pics coming soon.

So go backup about a month which will take you to these images BEFORE Maisie’s puppies arrived.    We had a blast playing in Tahoe before all this puppy work started.

Being with my dogs and camera in the powdery snow in my favorite place in the world is heavenly.  Not only heavenly for me but for my dogs.  Even in the dead of winter my dogs want to head for the water.  Last post you saw Maisie and Sasha near and IN in the Truckee River.  This post shows Maisie and Sasha at Lake Tahoe.  I put the brakes on swimming this day.  Was afraid Maisie’s puppies would get too cold inside her and I was not in the mood for wet dogs in the house since the backyard was literally covered in sheets of ice and snow.

In the mornings and afternoon I pry myself away from the computer and we journey to the lake.

Here is Maisie shadowed in the late afternoon, temperatures plunging,  looking out to the most beautiful lake in the world.  What do you suppose she is looking for?  Most likely something moving.  Birds, buoys or maybe just the gentle mountain breeze ruffling across the ice-cold water.


Here is my beautiful Sasha posing for the camera.


Sasha posing again with Mom looking on.  The very long Tahoe Taverns Pier in the background.  The temperature started to plunge, my hands were frozen and it was getting late so we did not venture out to the end.

untitledNov 12_-55DGoldens

I get frustrated when they keep sticking their heads in the snow.   I don’t want to photograph your butts all the time you guys!  I honestly don’t know what they were digging for.  Probably some poor critter trying to stay alive.

untitledNov 12_-30DGoldensThe next day on our morning stroll by the lake Sasha leads the way to the pier.  I just love the way the sun shimmers on the water.

untitledNov 12_-119DGoldens

More digging and butt shots.  Still not a clue what they are after.  It seems to be driving them AND me crazy.  Hope you enjoyed my SUNDOGS IN THE SNOW vacation.  Next post back to reality at the SUNDOG RANCH….reality is not so bad.

untitledNov 12_-22DGoldens

untitledNov 12_-21DGoldens

untitledNov 12_-44DGoldens


3 thoughts on “Winter Stroll on the Lake

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  2. Yay! More of the most beautiful and sweet puppies in the world! Ukiah will need a Golden pal one day and it is guaranteed perfect if it’s a Danehy pup.


  3. Jo, thanks so much for including me in your wonderful email. Missed
    seeing you at the last Patrick Ranch show. I think you were wise
    in choosing not to attend in light of the fact that your work with horses
    really needed to be outdors only because of their size, I will never
    All the best,
    Don Sowarby


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