Meet the Family: Part 1

   In the last two posts you met my two youngest Golden’s Maisie and Sasha, on our vacation in Tahoe.  Now we are back at the ranch.   In the next three posts if you have not met them already I will introduce you to everybody at Sundog Ranch.

     Meet the newest members of our clan Francis on the left and Rosie on the right.  They are two wild burros (donkeys) adopted from the BLM last October.  Francis is about 10 and Rosie 4.  They were rounded up in the high desert region outside of Susanville, Ca. compliments of our government’s new screwed up policy on wild horse and burros.    Their job will be as guard animals for our goats.  Francis actually belongs to my sister Susie and will guard her sheep at her property later this spring.  It is my job and gift to my sister Susie to gentle Francis along with my Rosie.  They need to accept us humans.  Soon I must put some markers on them to tell them apart…just look at those SHAGGY COATS which are keeping them so warm in this chilly winter weather we are having.Image

As you can see they are not too shy anymore and becoming fond of the camera.  Are there any treats in there?



ImageBig shaggy ears and faces are our trademarks.


Next meet my crazy horse Chiron.  He is one of the funniest characters in our clan.  He is a 6 year old quarter horse and loves to play.  Here you see him on his daily morning routine of running around like a manic which always includes coming up to say hi to me, flapping his nose around and sticking it in the camera just like the donkeys.


In part 2 or 3 maybe I can get my other elusive horse, GQ, to come around.

     Meanwhile meet some of the goats.  Mr. Cinnamon on the left and Cinder.  They are brother and sister Nubian and are pretty much inseparable.  We got them as adults a few years ago to try having goats clear our brush land.  Are they cute together or what?


     And since the land clearing by Cinnamon and Cinder was not quite going fast enough and we loved their company we decided to get a few more mouths to clear.

     Meet Sweet Pea, she was born of a litter of quadruplets last spring and is quite the little Princess.  We just love her to pieces.  She is one of the main reasons for the guard donkeys.  We have mountain lions around here, no kidding.  (No pun intended)


     We also have Sweet Pea’s sister, Sorrel, who just today (I think) learned to drink from the automatic waters.  I am such a proud mom.


Hope you enjoyed this post.  Feel free to post your comments.  Bye Bye for now.

Stay tuned for part 2 of Meet the Family.

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