Meet the Family: Part 3

The Sundogs

Image                                From left Sasha, Maisie, Yolo, Lassen, Nevada

In my first two posts you met Sasha our youngest and her mother Maisie.  In this post I’ll introduce you our three other Sundogs starting with Yolo.  Yolo for some reason ALWAYS ends up in the middle of the group,  and I don’t plan it that way it just happens.

Yolo is short for YOLO BOLY ROLY POLY HOLY MOLY   hard to spell but you get what I mean right?Image     Here he is looking very regal with his signature color GOLD surrounding him.  Yolo is 8 years old and known as our “special needs child”  He has a intense desire to be a lap dog even though he weights upward of 80lbs.

Next we have Lassen, otherwise know as Mr. Lassen.  Lassen and Yolo are brothers and have lived their whole lives up here at Sundog Ranch.  They are BIG TIME BUDDIES!

Here is Mr. Lassen relaxing in the arena this morning while I do my chores. Boy does he need some grooming.Image

Image     Here is where Lassen hangs out while we are cooking dinner.  Notice his eyes pointed towards the kitchen making sure no morsels fall to the floor and go uneaten.

Next we have Nevada or Nevi for short.  Nevada is Yolo and Lassen’s sister.  Why you ask did we keep 3 DOGS from our first litter?  That is because we tell all our puppy buyers if you ever have to give the dog up you can bring it back to us.  So believe it or not Nevada came back to us at age 7 since her family hit hard times and could not keep her.  With our 04′ litter all the puppies were named after counties in California and they all still have their puppy names.  Here is Nevada looking very happy and pretty in Tahoe last year.Image

Below Nevada is not looking so pretty.  She had just pulled her head out of one of many dirt holes she likes to play in.Image

Next I have to introduce you to a very important member of Sundog Ranch. He is my SECRET.   For purposes of this blog lets just call him ROCKIN’ ROY.  Why Rockin’ Roy?   Because ROY ROCKS.  Without Rockin’ Roy  Sundog Ranch would not be possible.  Besides he is the nicest guy I know, he is my other half.

To start with Rockin’ Roy is very good to the Sundogs.ImageImageAlmost every night while I have a glass of wine or a cocktail, Rockin’ Roy cooks me dinner EVEN after he works hard all day.Image      Roy is a duck hunter and brings home wild duck for us to feast upon from time to time. Roy is happiest when duck hunting with his buddies at the Napa River…as you can see by the smile!

Image                    And that is not all why ROY ROCKS.  Rockin’ Roy has done many projects (urged on by yours truly)  to make Sundog Ranch what is is.  Just check out some of the cool things he has done here.  To start with Rockin’ Roy installed windows in our whole house ImageImageImageThen he built our very sweet shed row barn, seen here on New Years Day 2011.


Check out these cool vegetable beds Rockin’ Roy just put in last weekend!  And he will grow the vegetables in them this spring!Image                Roy put in ton’s of custom rock around the house starting with……         The pool decking which caused him to loose about ten pounds while he was doing it. Image

This nice rock wall for our Sundogs to pose on.Image                                           This rock surround around the hot tub .Image                                  The entry stairs to our humble abode.Image        The entry way of my dreams, and also the pump house in the background.                      Image      And I can’t even begin to show you a fraction of all the fencing and gates Rockin’ Roy has put up over the years.ImageImageImageImage              One more thing not pictured here.  I have not showed you the “Puppy Palace” that Roy built.   That comes in another post with another secret.

Signing off….hope you enjoyed meeting our family.  Bye bye for nowImage              Yours truly,  Jo Jo,  Johanna or Jo for short, happy in the sun with her Sundogs.

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