I lied.  I have some secret new family members at Sundog Ranch.  They are a litter of three week old Golden Retrievers.  Let’s just call them the THE SUNDOG BABIES for now.  They are babies of our Miss Maisie Rose and her special friend who lives in another town, Black Jack Casanova.  Whenever we have a litter of new Sundogs we have a puppy name theme. This year we have named these babies after American Indian tribes and names.  Here we have Chinook, a big white male with a green ribbon.  He is seen here cuddling with Tenaya, a girl,  in lavender.   As you can see they are very comfortable with each other.untitledNov 12_-97DGoldens

Are they some of the cutest things you have ever seen?  At this stage it is hard for me to get anything done around the house.  I just want to watch them, hug, smell and kiss them all day. untitledNov 12_-92DGoldens

untitledNov 12_-87DGoldens untitledNov 12_-85DGoldens

Here goes Tenaya.  She is on the move.  She has places to go.   She likes to do this and yelp at the same time every morning around 6 am.  WAKE UP everybody.untitledNov 12_-77DGoldens-2

Here we have Shoshoni in the our farmers market basket.  He was not into this photo shoot.  Please let me go back to my whelping box and sleep who ever you are with that big black thing in my face.

untitledNov 12_-77DGoldens

Here is Shoshoni again showing his pretty golden color.  He’s under a tiny huddle BEFORE the crazy lady with the camera whisked him away to the basket. He is smothered by our little Ahwahnee with the yellow ribbon.

untitledNov 12_-72DGoldens untitledNov 12_-70DGoldens Here is Ahwahnee showing his size.  He too wants to go back to sleep in this photo.  If fully awake he would of been out of this bowl in a second.  We think Ahwahnee is so tiny because he was a little premature.  Some how the biological parts of his mom and dad must have hooked up later in the game.  He has not quite woken up like his siblings YET and one eye is still closed so say your prayers for him that he is just a little behind and will catch up in no time. untitledNov 12_-37DGoldens

Here we have Lakota.   He thought hanging out in the basket was just fine.

untitledNov 12_-36DGoldens

Mom is checking to make sure he is OK.untitledNov 12_-31DGoldens

Next we have our big girl Cheyenne.  She too was cool with the basket but soon became bored and tired so after this photo shoot back to the whelping box for everybody.untitledNov 12_-24DGoldens

Here I am.untitledNov 12_-16DGoldens

Here I am again in a slightly different pose, showing off my new claws.

untitledNov 12_-12DGoldens

I’ve had enough, out of the basket.untitledNov 12_-7DGoldens

Time for a nap again.  That photo shoot in the basket was hard work.

4 thoughts on “Brand new SUNDOG BABIES

  1. I was just wondering the other day how the little guy was doing- glad to see he’s hanging in there.
    You have such a beautiful place. How many stalls are in your shedrow barn? It looks just perfect!


    • Hi Charlie, Just two 12 x 12 stalls, a 6 x 12 hay room, and a 6 x 6 tack room, & 12 ft overhangs on each side which are wonderful for the animals when it is wet! Yes the “tiny guy” is hanging in there, one eye open, just praying the other is in there somewhere.


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