Ahwahnee One Eye

     ImageThis is a hard post.  Life does not always go as you wish.  Our little miracle baby Sundog, Ahwahnee, born 1/27, seen above in the China bowl is going to have a challenge in life.  But he does not know it.  Life is going along just fine as far as he is concerned.  You see today we found out that Ahwahnee is missing his left eye.  Or at least that is what the vet determined.  Ahwahnee COULD prove them all wrong since he IS the miracle puppy.

        Ahwahnee wants to share his story “FIRST VISIT TO THE VET”

                Here we go. Snow, hail and frigid temps did not phase us.  I was scared at first but soon learned all was good once the engine started up and my human turned on the tunes.


We arrived at the vet and got checked in.  I chose to stay sacked out in the basket.  Just too much stimulation and were the heck was my real MOM????   ImageThe nurse came right in to see us.  She held me down and stuck some things in me but I was a perfect gentleman.ImageThe big dog on the wall was a little worried about me I think.ImageI weighed in at a whopping 2lbs 3oz.  After my cat nap the vet was worried because she could not find the GLOBE behind my shut eye, whatever that is.  She thought I needed a bigger examination and to be sleeping deeply.  If I could talk I would of told her I would have held still for her.  ImageMy human mom started to get quiet and I got kinda worried.  THEN they put us in this really nice but kinda sad room to wait for my big examination.

ImageMy human was wiping her face with the wipes in a box.ImageI don’t remember this part.ImageNext thing I remember is I was back in my basket and my human kept checking on me.ImageNope……….. I’m not waking up till we get back to Sundog Ranch.  My REAL mom greeted us the minute we stepped in the door.  Thank goodness she waited for me.ImageI was SO hungry!!ImageImageAND I needed a little cleaning up.ImageAfter this wonderful feeding I got to go back to my buddies and back to sleep.ImageImageImageWhen I woke up I had a new American Indian name….Ahwahnee One Eye! Image My human tells me I am already famous.  I’m not quite sure what all the fuss is about.  I am just happy to be home.  Until next time…Big Puppy Hugs and Puppy Breath to everybody.

28 thoughts on “Ahwahnee One Eye

  1. What a tear jerking story but you made it comfortable for the little guy. The cool thing about dogs is that they are so resilant-he will probably lead a very normal life even with one eye-they are so adaptable.


  2. Oh I am so sorry that this little guy has had to struggle so. But I am sure he will be an exceptional dog. When god gives you a challenge he helps you on other areas. I hope that who ever adopts him is a special as he is. Kay

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  3. Oh Jo, I tried to read this post out loud to Brent and kept having to stop because I would get too choked up. You make a good point that he doesn’t know the difference. It just still really tugs at your heart. He is so beautiful. I love that his mommy was so happy to have him back home. He’s lucky to have TWO such great mommies.


    • Thanks Judy, We have had time to absorb this whole thing in the last 5 days. We knew by this morning seeing his eye not open yet what would happen at the vet. The vet confirmed our fears. We were in denial for days thinking it might open but no…… Ahwanhnee we love you. He is going to be just fine, we are sure of that.


  4. Oh Jo, I cried as I read this but part of it was out of relief because the beginning of your post made me scared that you were going to say something much worse. I am praying for little Ahwahnee One Eye!!! Take care, KT

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  5. Other than his eye, did the vet notice anything else to be worried about? He is a little cutie, regardless of his eye count! And Dad thinks you should officially name him (Captain) Morgan.


    • LOL LOL!!! Good Rum indeed. So far everything else looks normal. Ears are not all the way open yet but that is not unusual, his other siblings ears are still just opening. They don’t think this was genetic, just a malformation. My theory, he was the one starting to get reabsorbed like the vet said on the day after Christmas ultrasound. The reabsorbtion started at the eye and then immediately stopped and he developed into a normal dog. Therefore he is a Christmas miracle.


  6. He will be a very, very loving and welcome addition to someone’s home. At least he made it…it looked a little iffy there for awhile.


  7. I have a Golden who has a heart problem and he was not suppose to live past 3 years. He is 10 years old and going strong! These dogs come with special gifts and are so affectionate ! Anyone who recieves him will be one lucky owner indeed!


  8. Surrounded by love and warmth from 2 & 4 legged Moms, Ahwahnee will thrive. As several posts here mentioned, challenges for humans and animals make us each stronger. There’s a plan for a special someone and Ahwahnee.


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