Time for Shots

It’s that time…time to stick needles into cute little puppies.


Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus


Record the lot number and double check the expiration date.


Sorry I can’t photograph myself GIVING the shots.  The puppies did great, NO CRYING.

Weight checks and new ribbons are also on the agenda today.


Chinook agreed to go first on the scale.  10 lbs even.



Does he look like a little teddy bear or what?

Next Cheyenne who outweighed Chinook.  Sorry big guy, the big girl weighs in at 11.3 lbs

I thought Cheyenne was going to jump off the scale but she just stayed there kinda frozen.


Next was Lakota.  He is our medium sized boy at 9.12 lbs..  He crouched down and whimpered a bit then sat up and posed for the camera.  What a good boy.  Look at those paws!


Tenaya was literally frozen with fear so I started by petting her and putting on a pretty new lavender ribbon.  She relaxed and did fine on the scale although you can tell it was not her favorite part of the day.  She is our biggest girl weighing in at 11.15 lbs.


Shoshoni wanted to help me with my record keeping.  Where is the pen Momma Jo?



Shoshoni weighs 8.4lbs.  A perfect weight.


And can you guess who I did last?  Awhahnee of course.  He’s up to 6.14…almost 7 lbs!!  He was barely 7 oz when he was born.


Is’nt he handsome? Just look at those curls.


Until next post….Adios Amigos

6 thoughts on “Time for Shots

  1. You are killing me Jo! 🙂 They are beautiful, including the little one! if anyone backs out from their puppy, call me!!

    So happy all are doing so well!

    Melodie and Maggie

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  2. My cutie pie fix!!! they are all so adorable and it’s been fun to see the subtle differences in their personalities thru your photos and commentary..Do all these pups have new owners waiting for them to be old enough to take to their new home? Thanks for the smiles, Jo! Lynn

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