Got Your Back

untitledNov 12_-200DGoldens

Last weekend I got my mustang fix at “The Wild Horse Sanctuary” in between  Shingletown and Manton California.   Boy are these mustangs lucky.  Instead of being stuck in some BLM long term holding pens or worse yet on someone’s dinner plate,  they get to live their life out protected in the lovely Northern California foothills.   It is spring and the the first baby of the year is here!  For purposes of this blog I’m going to call this little filly “Smokey”  Ain’t she a doll?  Here she is looking back at me while hanging tight next to mom.  She does not fear me because she has a mom and dad and her whole band to watch her back.

Mom very bravely standing still so Smokey can nurse.  She has one ear listening to me and the other ear listening to whatever goes on beside her.untitledNov 12_-305-EditDGoldens

Mom and Smokey have others in the band watching both their backs.

untitledNov 12_-311DGoldens

And their fronts.

untitledNov 12_-307DGoldens

Daddy can be seen in the back ground of the two last pictures, can you find him?  Might be hard to do since some of these mares are quite large and round.  More babies coming.  Daddy’s job is to protect the whole band so he has to keep an eye on me who keeps pointing the big black thing at him.

untitledNov 12_-433-EditDGoldens

Here he is.  Is he a manly stud or what?  I think Smokey is going to have his dad’s color as a Blue Roan but he could turn out to be a Grullo too.  Grullo is a color of horses in the dun family, that have tan-gray or mouse-colored hairs on the body, often with shoulder and dorsal stripes and black barring on the lower legs.   Smokey’s dad has other “wives” too.  Don’t these two make a handsome pair.

untitledNov 12_-428-EditDGoldens

After nursing for awhile Smokey tries to sleep much to the dismay of Prince the sanctuary dog in charge.  Prince does not seem to understand  Smokey does not want to play now and needs to have napping time.

untitledNov 12_-184DGoldens

untitledNov 12_-185DGoldens

Gosh darn it, I guess I need to wake up says Smokey.

untitledNov 12_-186DGoldens

OK now I am REALLY awake.

untitledNov 12_-187DGoldens

Got to get back to mom. Got milk?

untitledNov 12_-190DGoldens

Yes thank goodness she does.

untitledNov 12_-88DGoldens

Smokey is happy happy with the band.   So many “Aunts” to stay close to when mom goes away.

untitledNov 12_-188DGoldens

Gotta itch. Guess who is watching over me.

untitledNov 12_-192DGoldens

Time for another nap and guess who is watching Smokey’s back?  Just about everybody has Smokey surrounded but look at Dad.  He is very sneaky watching me trying to act like he is just eating.

untitledNov 12_-298DGoldens

untitledNov 12_-441-EditDGoldens

Like newborn human babies baby horses do the same, sleep, eat, sleep eat, sleep, eat…..except they can stand, walk and run on day one!

There is dad again watching Smokey’s back making sure I’m not a predator,  about to pounce on her.

untitledNov 12_-437DGoldens

untitledNov 12_-442DGoldens

Dad nudges Smokey telling her it is time to move on now.

untitledNov 12_-446DGoldens

He grabs a bit to eat before they all go AWAY FROM ME.

untitledNov 12_-448DGoldens

They decide to take a turn to the right.  This is the way to the creek for a drink.

untitledNov 12_-449DGoldens

It is hard to take my eyes off Dad.  He is so handsome and such a fine father figure.  You don’t get to see natural wild horse behavior like this every day.

untitledNov 12_-465DGoldens

Dad keeps his eyes on me and waits patiently for the rest of the band.

untitledNov 12_-453DGoldens

His mares are taking their time.   He continues to wait patiently so the band will stay together.

untitledNov 12_-481DGoldens

Finally I decide to say good bye to dad.  I feel I have put enough pressure on him.

untitledNov 12_-483DGoldens

Goodbye you beautiful thing.

Many more Mustang posts come…hope you enjoyed this one!

Adios Amigo’s

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