The Puppy Palace

If you are a puppy between the age of 5 and 8 weeks old this is where you want to end up.   Sundogs’s  PUPPY PALACE.


We call this the puppy palace because it has everything a puppy (or doggy) could want.   It is an insulated house with sliding glass windows for light and ventilation.  It  has added features like a heater for winter or air conditioning and misters for the SO HOT summer months.   It also has a shaded indoor patio with running water and pine shavings to roll, pee and poop in.   This photo shows the palace looking very fancy AFTER a litter of puppies has vacated.  NO the puppies are not allowed in the roses.  A little green fence is erected so they have lots of room to run, play and goof around like puppies do OUTSIDE the palace walls.

untitledNov 12_-13-Edit-EditDGoldens

This is what I face every morning when I open the front door.  Crying, barking puppies who want to get out and go were they are not supposed to go.   And since there is nothing better than puppy breath in the morning,  I have to pick up each one of them up for hugs, licks and kisses.    Tough job I have, huh?

untitledNov 12_-187DGoldens

AND….. did I mention the palace has a doggy (I mean puppy) door?    All our babies learn to use it immediately upon arrival.

untitledNov 12_-188DGoldens

untitledNov 12_-191DGoldens

Sometimes getting in can be a challenge as there may be five other puppies on the other side trying to tackle you for the best spot.

untitledNov 12_-193DGoldens

Made it in! Yeah.  Now who can I harass?untitledNov 12_-199DGoldens

Inside is pretty nice too.  We draw the line at big fluffy dog beds because some members of the gang are too lazy to go outside in the middle of the night to relieve themselves.   Rockin Roy and I have a debate about this.  He thinks we need the big fluffy beds in there but I think the puppies are just fine with some old bath mats and soft fleece blankets.  WHICH CAN BE THROWN IN THE WASHING MACHINE 🙂

untitledNov 12_-181DGoldens

During the day if it is warm the french door is left open so the puppies can lounge about and watch me pick up poop outside.   I’ll leave out the photo of the poop scoop.   A very valuable tool in raising puppies.untitledNov 12_-117DGoldens

Cheyenne in her favorite lounging spot.  Then getting a mouthful of Chinook.

untitledNov 12_-97DGoldens
untitledNov 12_-126DGoldens

Chinook decides to step out into the “pine patio” for a drink perhaps.  No he is NOT sad.   He just has a pathetic look that gets him lots of extra love.

untitledNov 12_-44DGoldens

Chinook waits for his turn at the watering hole.  What a gentleman.

untitledNov 12_-40DGoldens

The watering hole is full.  Gotta get that bowl hooked up to a automatic waterer.    We must fill it 3 times a day now.

Shoshoni finally gets in there for a drink.  He is the quiet patient one.

untitledNov 12_-154DGoldens

untitledNov 12_-77DGoldens

As you can see he is pleased and refreshed.  Ahwahnee tackles Cheyenne until…..

untitledNov 12_-140DGoldens

untitledNov 12_-65DGoldens

Big sister Sasha arrives at the door.  Sasha LOVES to play with her younger siblings in the outside pen or better yet in the big FREEDOM yard.  Which is where they are going right now.  Tenaya take the first steps to FREEDOM.

untitledNov 12_-102-EditDGoldens

When time permits the puppies are allowed out in the big FREEDOM yard under watchful eyes.  They get to act like big dogs AND play with the big dogs.  This helps them with future socialization 🙂  It is one of the secrets that makes Sundog babies so special.
untitledNov 12_-51DGoldens

Lakota stands quivering in front of giant Mr. Lassen waiting for acceptance.

untitledNov 12_-52DGoldens

Finally he gets the approval he has been waiting for.

untitledNov 12_-61-EditDGoldens

After Lakota gets acceptance, Chinook goes in for the ritual.  Tiny head in Lassen’s big mouth is the name of the game.

untitledNov 12_-57-EditDGoldens

Cheyenne is not ready for the ritual.  She high tails it out of there and quickly.

untitledNov 12_-66DGoldens

Ahwahnee follows Cheyenne using his heightened sniffing skills.

untitledNov 12_-37DGoldens

Then the  rest of the group follows to a big scary place far from were they are supposed to go.

untitledNov 12_-41DGoldens

Sasha tries to attract attention with her game, “chew the manzanita”

untitledNov 12_-89DGoldens

So after about a 1/2 hour of these games back and forth, time to go back in the PEN.

untitledNov 12_-23-EditDGoldens


Adios Amigo’s until next post.

6 thoughts on “The Puppy Palace

  1. I think Chinook inherited the sad face. Shasta and Mr. Lassen have the same one. I know Shasta uses it to melt hearts and get whatever she wants- usually a butt rub. Love the post, Jo!


    • I’m glad you are enjoying. The puppies are going to leave soon so sad days are coming. However I will have to focus on my 5 beautiful Sundogs all grown up. The grown ups suffer a little while we have a litter so they will relish the attention I’m sure. Thanks for sharing


  2. Such beautiful friends, I know it will be hard to part with them when the time comes.
    We had a Golden from a pup till old age cought up with her. Her name was Ginger,
    that was twenty five years ago and to this day we miss her spreading good cheer where ever she happened to go. We lived in a neighborhood that had an elelmetry
    school in our back yard, about one hundred kids screaming yelling,chirping. Ginger loved them all and was not a bad soccer player, which ever goal was closest she
    scored a goal.


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