Bye Bye Babies

ImageOne week ago this was the scene in the “Puppy Palace”ImageNow this is the scene….kinda.  We do have the star of the show but he’s hiding inside the BIG people house.  Which is where he wants to be with the BIG dogs.

Before the baby Sundogs left we decided to send them off in style by having a little going away party.  But SOMEONE got his paws muddy before the party while I was tending the garden.  He had to get his first puppy bath.  Guess who?  ImageYup,  the star.   Ahwahnee One Eye got a bath.ImageFIRST shake!! ImagePuppies need socialization you know.   So we invited lots of kids to “Puppies and Pizza”.  Alida and Owen enjoyed the food on the beautiful spring evening.  It was not too sunny but Owen felt he needed some eye protection.ImageEmily spent a lot of time in the puppy palace and was very gentle with the puppies.  ImageMarley could not stop hugging the pups and had a smile from ear to ear the whole evening.ImageCathy had been waiting all week to see these puppies.  She said the pizza was good but judging by her smile I think the puppies won her over even more.

Friday, the day before the dreaded “pick up day”,  was a day to put away the “to do” list and just hang out with the puppies.  What a glorious afternoon, I did not want it to end.ImageNOW is not my favorite part to post.  I HAVE to give the puppies up because you see….I have FIVE yes FIVE grown up dogs.     But I was happy the puppies went to good homes.  Here are some photo’s of the lucky families.ImageThis is the Salamida family who traveled all the way from Hayward to get Shoshoni.  They all have D names so Shoshoni’s big dog name will be Duncan.  This is their FIRST dog.  I am in close contact them in case they have any problems their first week with Duncan.  I made sure they knew they might not get much sleep in the coming nights.ImageThis is the Deary family.  The came to get Cheyenne.  Cheyenne gets to live with Bessie who is her 4 yr. old sister.  They have a swimming pool in the back yard and the dogs get to swim in it.  Oh boy 🙂  Cheyenne is going to stay Cheyenne.   Yeah!ImageLori and Mama Maisie were sweet enough to let Cheyenne have one last drink before the long ride home to Elk Grove.ImageThis is the Blake family.  They  were in the running with two other families to adopt Lakota and as you can see they are VERY HAPPY to have him.  They are still exploring the name Lakota among others.  I don’t think Lakota cares what he is called.  Lakota will live in Roseville.  Not far from yours truly lenses.ImageThis is Christina Hesson and her boyfriend John picking up Tenaya for Lynn Hesson who could not make the trip.  They were one of four families in the running for Tenaya.  I picked them because they are BIG animal lovers and their 3 year old Golden Loki needs a friend.  Lucky girl.  Tenaya won’t be far from this lenses either.  She will live in Auburn.

And….DARN DARN DARN  I had a memory card mishap and could not retrieve the photo’s of Chinook’s new owner Sarah Wade.  Chinook got to stay with us one extra night and made the trip all the way to San Diego with Sarah and her boyfriend on Sunday.  On the list of things to do now is ….call Sarah and have her get a photo of them together on the beach.

After Saturday watching FOUR puppies leave I had to dry my eyes and do what ever I could to get my mind off the emptiness.  So Sunday morning before Chinook left we had a play session with the BIG dogs.  BIG dog socialization. ImageNone of the little guys got trampled either.ImageImageAfter that the little guys got real thirsty.ImageAhwahnee thinks nursing is easy as pie now.  Not much competition.ImageAnd guess who gets to be Ahwahnee’s baby sitter and best friend now?  Why of course big sister Sasha.  ImageSasha has no problem clearing the puppy fence to come to Ahwahnee’s aid OR steal his toys.ImageImageI wonder how long this little stuffed donkey will last?ImageSasha says “not long”.

Adios Amigo’s 

7 thoughts on “Bye Bye Babies

  1. Ohmygosh Jo!! You kept AOE?? I think that’s what this reads but I’m on a lot of cold medicine so I need to be sure?? I’m so happy for you and him!!! Please keep posting lots of photos of him. Yay!

    Sent from my iPad


      • Damn cold medicine! haha
        Well I know that if you are letting him go to someone else, that someone else must be very special! Look forward to more of your photos and stories in the future….


  2. Could not be more pleased that you and your family have decided to keep AOE. He is so special and will be a wonderful addition to your family! Please keep posting pics of him and all your dogs.


    • OH boy not sure how I got that idea through. I should have mentioned something about where he is going soon. He feels like part of the family and he will continue to be. He needed to stay extra longer because he was a little behind in gestation. Our pleasure of course.


  3. Can not thank you enough for the wonderful photo essay. It would be so hard to let them go. Apparently they all went to good homes and their new owners look very happy, this is a good thing. Thanks again Jo,Don Sowarby Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2013 01:04:25 +0000 To:


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