Happy Easter


No dyed eggs at Sundog Ranch this Easter.  Only cage free, organic, in a bowl, ready to be scrambled…or in this case made into a fritatta.


Farmers market eggs are the only way to go.


The kitchen sink fritatta.   Onions, mushrooms and tomato’s.  What could be better?


Spiral sliced honey glazed ham.


The Easter bunny made a visit.untitledNov 12_-137DGoldens

Bearing strange eggs with fuses on them.untitledNov 12_-124DGoldensAnd ceramic bunnies that stay for only a few days.untitledNov 12_-140DGoldens

This Easter was a bit dark and wet but little flames kept the family warm.  As you can see smiles were abounding……

untitledNov 12_-239DGoldens….food and spirits calmed the nerves._MG_0819

Precious last moments were spent with the last baby Sundog of this year.

_MG_0842By Rocking Roy_MG_0775Sister SashauntitledNov 12_-143DGoldensAnd sadly Mama Maisie.  Last nurse with AOE._MG_0826Here is our visiting Sundog,  Shasta.  Shasta is a sister to Yolo, Lassen and Nevada.  She is sitting pretty and NOT sad because she is going to have a new friend of the furry kind going home with her._MG_0895The Sundogs will tell you the rest of their secret on the next post.  HAPPY EASTER  From left Sasha, Yolo, Maisie, Lassen, Nevada and Shasta.  The Sundog Family 🙂

6 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Happy Easter, Jo. AOE is so Gorgeous!! I am so happy he is going to have Shasta as his big sister….I’m pretty sure that is an accurate assumption this time. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the Sundog secret! I always look forward to your posts but the next one even more so….
    Take care,

  2. Happy Easter to you sweet Jo. I look forward to your blogs, they give me peace and a smile. Thank you, Cathie

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