Meet Captain Duck Morgan

ImageAKA Ahwahnee One Eye, AKA AOE , AKA “Little Dude”, AKA  Cap’em.    AOE was dubbed Captain Morgan by Rockin Roy’s best friend and hunting partner Jim Winters.  Let’s just say Jimmy, as we like to call him, is a fan of good rum…..and good dogs.Image Meet Erin Winters (Jimmy’s daughter) and Drew Chapman, long time family friends. The NEW parents of AOE.   Can you tell they are VERY proud and HAPPY to be adopting AOE AKA Captain.  Easter weekend was Captain’s last stand (at least for now) at Sundog Ranch.  Drew could not wait to introduce Captain to you know what.ImageIn our household this object is termed “The Precious”  ImageIn no time at all Captain was doing perfect retrieves.ImageNo ball is too big to handle for Captain.  Good Boy!ImageHere is Captain gazing upon his new found delight.  Of course “the big dogs” had to be kept outside during this play session.  Do I need to tell you why?  Image

Big Daddy Drew was extremely impressed with Captain.ImageIn fact he was so proud he did not care if puppy teeth were tearing into his forearm.ImageAfter all that playing Captain retires to his favorite indoor spot under the stool.ImageAnd then on to the cool concrete floor for a little rest and relaxation.ImageIt was hard to stop taking photo’s of this little guy.  I’ve only been fixated on him for 9 weeks.   Here are some LAST photo’s.ImageLast lounge in the puppy palace yard.ImageLast play with Sasha.ImageLast suckles.ImageLast of the wet dog food going home with “The Little Dude”.ImageLast bundle of joy leaving Sundog.ImageEverybody wanted to go for the ride.  They don’t get to leave Sundog very ofternImageBut only Captain Duck Morgan (and Shasta) could go with Erin and Drew.  Lucky Boy…have a wonderful life.

Sniff Sniff.

Adios Amigos…….next post I’ll be catching up on some unfinished business caused by puppy priorities.  Stay tuned for “Driving with Nattie”



5 thoughts on “Meet Captain Duck Morgan

  1. Sasha looks like a very happy pup and I am sure she will be loved in her new home.Captain Morgan looks like a very appropriate name, I like it a lot.Looking forward to “Driving with Nattie”.All the best Don SowarbyDate: Mon, 1 Apr 2013 12:41:53 +0000 To:


  2. Captain, or Little Dude, is doing really well! He loves playing outside with Shasta and Tess (another dog at the house). He plays hard, and sleeps hard. And, oh, the yawns!


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