Black and White Sunday

I have decided to start what I call EASY blogging every other day or so.  Wish I could be more specific.  It’s just that  blogging can be time consuming.  At least for me it is.  I have so many stories to tell and SO MANY photo’s to choose from.  On top of that I am a SLOW writer or blogger or what ever you want to call me.   In this day and age you need to make a quick easy connection with who ever it out there almost everyday.  Otherwise you are forgotten.  Sad reality huh?

  So far I’m doing Weekly Photo Challenge, Wordless Wednesday and now I’m joining Black and White Sunday.  I think that will be it.   Longer quirky posts about Sundog Ranch and our travels will fill the gaps…….hopefully.   Here goes my first post for B&W Sunday.

By the Pool

“Pretty by the Pool”

As usual Yolo is front and center.  Maisie and Mr Lassen in the background.   If you know anything about the Sundogs you will know Yolo likes to be front and center in almost every photograph he is in.  Seriously,  I DO NOT  plan it this way.   Immediately when we start posing he gets right in there in front.  I’m convinced he knows what he is doing.  I think he wants to be seen and to be famous some day.  We’ll keep trying Holy Moly Man.

17 thoughts on “Black and White Sunday

  1. Definitely a pretty pic! I’m a sucker for Goldens : ) And with you on the time-consuming aspect of blogging. If I can post once a week, I’m happy. But, then I get obsessed and try to post more often which entails research, writing, taking and prepping photos, more rewriting and proofing, etc!


  2. In a world full of plenty of bad news, your blogs always put a smile on my face. Great photography, great subject matter. Thanks Jo.


  3. Awww… Maisie and Mr Lassen are like poor little sidekicks huddling together behind! But yes, Yolo has a haughty charisma in the photo… is he always like so?
    Totally agree that blogging is time consuming and challenges are an easy way out… 😛 sometimes.


    • Yolo’s physical characteristics could be called haughty or “on high” I guess but his personality is one of a big baby Huey who just wants to crawl in your lap and he will attempt it. He does not know he weighs over 80lbs. And in addition to crawling into laps he will lay across chests against the victims will while laying in bed. All the while trying to lick your face. Sounds like a fun dog huh? We love him dearly though…..he is fondly known as “our special needs child”.


  4. Love this photo! Isn’t it amazing how beautiful Golden Receivers are in black and white? (Oops, did that sound a little conceited coming from a Golden Retriever?) And I love the way that not only did Yolo place himself front and center, he actually looked directly into the camera!


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