Hot Day at Sundog

Anyone who has visited Sundog Ranch knows why we might want a large body of water near by.  Not just to keep humans cool…June 2013 sm_

What else it there to do besides try to keep cool on a hot summer day?  Since it is Saturday I think a little dip in the pool before we do gardening chores is in line.June 2013 sm_-7While I get out my camera I keep the pool toys hidden.  Everybody is mellow just cooling off.   Sasha has the favorite spot.June 2013 sm_-9The favorite spot is a little ledge in the deep end.  Perfect for sitting if you don’t want to go for a full swim.June 2013 sm_-8It gets the essentials wet.June 2013 sm_-11Meanwhile Maisie decides to wait in the shade.  Lassen and Nevada have elected to stay inside.  Too much competition.June 2013 sm_-4All of the sudden I hear a little MEOW.  Guess who have decided not be be JUST barn cats.June 2013 sm_-5Yes…. it is the Manx brothers hiding out in the shade of the Redbud bushes.   They can feel the energy.  They know that action is about to happen. June 2013 sm_-44Yolo has now moved in on the favorite spot with a toy.  “Thanks Mom, I’ll just sit here and fondle it with my mouth for awhile before we get started”June 2013 sm_-45Wet is good right now.June 2013 sm_-3The Manx brothers are up to something with some stiff looking partners.June 2013 sm_-12Crazed kitties take cover with the stiff ones.  What next?June 2013 sm_-14Pouncing in the grass, just like wild cats.June 2013 sm_-24All at once the action starts.June 2013 sm_-25Maisie is back to her true form.  After a pregnancy and puppies this spring and then “THE SURGERY” last week she is feeling good!June 2013 sm_-16Sasha gets competitive.  Duelling dogs.June 2013 sm_-17Poor Yolo looks on not knowing if he should get involved in this.June 2013 sm_-22But he does and now we have a threesome.June 2013 sm_-23Maisie is ready for more.June 2013 sm_-20Like mother like daughter.  “Throw it will ya?”June 2013 sm_-21Maisie is ahead but Sasha has the stretch and the leap down….what did I say like mother like daughter.   Watch out Maisie.  Nevada decides to get in on things and at least get her feet wet.  Yolo is practicing the come in from the side and steal the toy trickJune 2013 sm_-19It’s close.June 2013 sm_-15Sasha veered to the right, leaped out at the favorite spot and left Maisie and Yolo in the dust….I mean pool.June 2013 sm_-46And then a strange thing happened. June 2013 sm_-67Sasha got a little crazed like the kitties.  Suddenly the toy did not matter.June 2013 sm_-34A serious shake off was needed.June 2013 sm_-36And poof….ready for action.  Another kind of action.June 2013 sm_-43You see dragon flies where in the air.  It is Sasha’s mission in life to catch their shadows.  She’s having a really hard time catching one but she keeps a positive attitude.June 2013 sm_-37They move really fast.June 2013 sm_-40But if she stays still and……pounces.June 2013 sm_-39Just maybe she will get one.June 2013 sm_-41Meanwhile Yolo decides to stay wet and play on his own since play at the pool is coming to a end.  He just knows.June 2013 sm_-50Dogs cooled off and happy. Now it is time for the garden chores.  Which hat to wear?June 2013 sm_-49Where to start?  How about a little rest and cool water.  The garden can wait.June 2013 sm_-63The Crape Myrtle agrees.June 2013 sm_-64The grapes are fine too.  Pruning can wait.June 2013 sm_-59The new lotus soaking up the sun and water is as happy as can be.June 2013 sm_-58So are the Zinnia’s. June 2013 sm_-62And basil….pesto anyone?June 2013 sm_-48Beyond the garden, beyond the fence, is the “au naturale” terrain.  Here Rosie patrols the boundaries of the fence wondering if she can break in anywhere and eat that luscious deer grass.  The heat does not faze her.June 2013 sm_-65Unfortunately no such luck Rosie girl.  So back to hanging with the goats.  Just like she is suppose to do.June 2013 sm_-53The heat DOES get to the Manx brothers.  Mangus takes a little snooze. June 2013 sm_-55Peek a boo.  Don’t let the heat get to you.

Adios Amigos!  Until next time.

17 thoughts on “Hot Day at Sundog

  1. My mommy feels like she just had a mini vacation while looking at your beautiful photos and reading about all the pool party fun. Now those are some dogs who can show their humans a thing or two about enjoying the moment, which it appears you all did quite successfully! Thanks for sharing your beautiful day.


    • Those are the tender shoots that come up at the base of what I am trying to make into a tree (Redbud prefers to be a bush). I am going to prune them this week but they will be back. The goats ADORE eating them. Thanks:)


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