Introducing: Leslie Anne Webb

A few days ago I was scrolling through my photo libraries like I often do searching for some images I needed at the time.  I stumbled across some photo’s I had taken a few years ago at a Gregg Albracht photography workshop.  The photo’s got me all off track and I forgot what I had originally been searching for.   The photo’s were of an incredible woman, and incredibly beautiful, talented woman in more ways than one.  I was so happy she allowed me to write this post about her.  She is a well-known artist who you must meet if you have not already.

June 2013 sm_-18

Introducing: Leslie Ann Webb….. riding Sam

On a nice sunny day about three years ago I met Leslie by chance in the parking lot at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in the small mountain town of Grass Valley, California where she lives.  We were both in a hurry looking for an unlocked door in a big red building so we could drop off our art entries for an art show that was being set up in the building.   Even though Leslie did not know me I knew who she was right away.  Besides you could not miss her pretty smiling face with long braids under a cowboy hat.  COWGIRL is spelled all over her.  I recognized her as a woman I had met at a street art fair in Grass Valley.  I remember falling in love with that woman’s art.  Her paintings on huge canvases were mostly of horses.  Modern, bold, vibrant, colorful and playful is how I describe her work.    While at her art booth that day Leslie and I chatted a bit while I drooled, flipping through a box of her unframed prints for sale.   Drooling is all I could do since there was not enough green in my wallet which would allow me to walk home with one of her jaw dropping paintings or even a giclee print. I walked away with a beautiful little bookmark with one of her images on it.  That bookmark was my only connection to Leslie until our chance meeting in the parking lot at the Nevada County fairgrounds.Charlie-Blue-Eyes-298x300“Charlie Blue Eyes”  by Leslie

      While in the parking lot waiting for the head art show lady to come and open the door to the big red building Leslie and I quickly connected and became friends.  This was my first art show.  Unlike me, Leslie had done MANY art shows and was a “regular” here at  the “Draft Horse Classic”.   She warmly sensed my naivety (or so I thought) and took me under her wing as a fellow artist introducing me to the head art show lady and a few other “regulars”.  She insisted to the head art lady,  Judy, who’s name and face I now know,  that I have my art booth right next to her art booth WITH THE JAW DROPPING PAINTINGS.  Would that be a good thing for me?  I might be overshadowed by her.   I did not care, Leslie liked me and I wanted to become a “regular”.  She invited me to stay at her ranch instead of a hotel.  She also wanted to make sure I did not miss the artist reception held at the beginning of the art show so I could meet all the other artists who were also “regulars” there.  I soon would become a “regular”.June 2013 sm_-11Leslie very happy and proud of Charlie, the horse in the blue background painting above.

That show at the Draft Horse Classic in 2010 was I guess what you could call a success for me.  Since then I have gone to the show every year and will go this year too, next month!   Hallelujah I have become a “regular” now…. I think.   But enough about me for now .  I am suppose to be introducing Leslie.  I want to tell you about Leslie but most of all share my images of Leslie and her beautiful horses taken in 2011 at a photography workshop where Leslie popped into my life (and my computer hard drive) again.  Did you know Leslie has FIVE horses?  I think by now she may have six.  Five was not enough.  I think she is incredible because she takes care ALL of these horses ALL BY HERSELF. June 2013 sm_Here is Leslie’s herd (all rescued horses)  in 2011 From right:  Smokey, Charlie, Oscar, Sam and Sunny.

Did I tell you Leslie often likes to paint her own horses?

lg_oscar-kisses-webHere is an example of Leslie’s sense of humor in “Oscar Kisses”

Did I tell you Leslie lived in a teepee while building a schoolhouse on her ranch at that time called Circle 7?June 2013 sm_-19Entrance to Circle 7

June 2013 sm_-3 Charlie and the other horses play hide and seek behind the teepee at Circle 7.  Hurry up and hide Charlie.

Did I tell you Leslie donates a portion of her art sale proceeds to many different animal welfare and rescue organizations?

I respect her for that.

June 2013 sm_-15No words needed.

June 2013 sm_-7Smokey, Sunny, Sam and Oscar.  Charlie is playing hide and seek now and finally has it down!

June 2013 sm_-16Did I tell you Leslie has quite a fine collection of western ranch wear and jewelry?

If you make the trip to visit her (and yours truly) at this years Draft Horse Classic in Grass Valley you will see what I mean.June 2013 sm_-14Besides being a beautiful, talented, playful and all around fun lady Leslie has a serious side to her too.

June 2013 sm_-9
She believes in a universal spiritual energy, a human animal connection.

She believes people have the ability to learn and be healed from horses if they open their hearts and minds to the possibility.

Leslie says ” The horse is a teacher and offers us lessons in honesty, truth and authenticity…….breaking down the walls that keep us from connecting with ourselves and others on a deeper and more spiritual level.”June 2013 sm_-6“Midnight Run”          Sunny, Oscar and Sam

June 2013 sm_-8“Got Your Back”             Leslie and Charlie

June 2013 sm_-10“I Got You”          Leslie and Charlie

June 2013 sm_-13“Halter Up”

Did I tell you Leslie and I have a lot in common?  It has something to do with an obsession with art and animals, mostly horses.DH 12   164 (2)But Leslie loves doggies too…..just like me.    I caught her seducing this cute pooch she met at the Draft Horse Classic last year.



Leslie loves donkeys too…..just like me.

In ending this post I have one more thing to tell you about Leslie….and me.

Through our artwork in presenting these majestic animals we call horses, we hope to change the world for the better.

June 2013 sm_-17

You can see more of Leslie’s stunning art at

And if you are in the area please come visit Leslie and I next month 9/19-9/22 in the art show at the largest draft horse show in the west the “Draft Horse Classic”       For more info on the show go to

Happy Trails

16 thoughts on “Introducing: Leslie Anne Webb

  1. Your photos are beautiful, as are Leslie’s paintings. Thank you so much for the introduction to this beautiful and kind woman. I just love hearing stories about women who are supportive of other women, and you are both fine examples of that. The fact that she loves horses and doggies is a huge bonus! My human mommy is so sad that she will not be at the Draft Horse Classic to see your work and Leslie’s. Maybe next year. 🙂


  2. Loved your blog posting and your photos of Leslie and her herd. I have been blessed to work with Leslie twice – a 6″x6″ mini painting (my avatar) and more recently, a 3’x4′ canvas of my gelding as a foal and his dam. Aside from my boy (of course!) her paintings are my most prized possessions and they are breathtaking! Because of Leslie’s kind heart and generosity, I was able to commission the large canvas on layaway payments, otherwise I would not have been able to make it happen. I hope more equine art enthusiasts take of advantage of the opportunity to own a Leslie original of their own – it is so worth it!


    • What a nice story. Great to hear from one who has invested in one of Leslie’s original works of art. Layaway payments are a wonderful way to “make it happen” I need to remember that for my photography customers as well. Thanks for your comment.


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