Mountain Dogs: Trash Works

Labor 0

When we go to Tahoe it is all about the water.  I can’t even begin to relax until I’ve taken the Sundogs to the Lake.Labor 1

Why are my beautiful Golden’s retrieving trash you ask?Labor 2

Because somebody forgot proper retrieving implements when venturing down to the lake.   Then when someone tried to use a water logged sinking stick for the Sundogs to retrieve……well that was not funny.  So someone had to think fast on what to do with four VERY anxious water dogs with nothing to retrieve.   Looking around the only things in view were the life guard station or fasten downed wooden benches and trash bins.  I thought of asking the life guard if I could use some of his life saving implements to throw for my dogs but quickly changed my mind about that.   So into the trash bins I went.  Perfecto!!  Contained in the bins were two nice, clean empty water bottles with the tops still on.  Imagine that?  All that was needed now was a way to make the perfectly sized retrieving bottles a little heavier.  JUST ADD WATER…..a little bit.Labor 3Next thing you know I have wet dogs.

Labor 4Plunging dogs.Labor 5More wet dogs.Labor 6Shall we say happy dogs?Labor 7When going to the pier with the Sundogs humans must were sandals and shorts.  Labor 8The Sundogs acting cool in the sun.  Maisie in the lead trash-less.

Labor 9Why no trash in the mouths with photo’s taken from a far?

Labor 10

Because someone had to ask a nearby swimmer to retrieve sinking trash.

More MOUNTAIN DOGS this week….stay tuned.

Adios Amigos.

19 thoughts on “Mountain Dogs: Trash Works

  1. This post is the winner of today, the week and the month, so gorgeous dogs, beautiful photos and just what I needed after a very long hard day at work. Thanks! ♥ 🙂 ♥


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