Puppy Fix: 101 Goldens

I can think of nothing but puppies right now……with Sasha’s litter due this weekend.  So before the big day I want to give you a puppy fix by sharing more photo’s of our “Valentine” litter out of Miss Maisie Rose and Black Jack Casanova.  Born on February 12th 2011 BEFORE The Sundog Drift.  This is Sasha’s litter.  She has the blue ribbon and was nick named “Smurfette” by a close family friend, Erin, who is the proud owner of Captain Duck Morgan or “Captain”  AKA  Ahwahnee One Eye from our 2013 litter.  I had given the puppies names with a Hawaiian theme but Erin had other ideas for their names.  Maybe I can get her to recite all of the names and their ribbon colors.   I suspect only hard core Goldie lovers will make it through all 101 photos.   If you are interested in having anything turned into fine art to adorn you walls let me know!   Here goes……..Puppy Fix1

Puppy Fix2

Puppy Fix4

Puppy Fix3

Puppy Fix6

Puppy Fix5

Puppy Fix8

Puppy Fix11

Puppy Fix10

Puppy Fix26

Puppy Fix25

Puppy Fix22

Puppy Fix28

Puppy Fix27

Puppy Fix29

Puppy Fix30

Puppy Fix31

Puppy Fix23

Puppy Fix22

Puppy Fix21

Puppy Fix20

Puppy Fix19

Puppy Fix18

Puppy Fix17

Puppy Fix16

Puppy Fix15

Puppy Fix14

Puppy Fix13

Puppy Fix12

Puppy Fix11

Puppy Fix10

Puppy Fix9

Puppy Fix7

Puppy Fix38

Puppy Fix37

Puppy Fix36

Puppy Fix35

Puppy Fix34

Puppy Fix33

Puppy Fix32

Puppy Fix39

Puppy Fix40

Puppy Fix41

Puppy Fix42

Puppy Fix43

Puppy Fix44

Puppy Fix45

Puppy Fix46

Puppy Fix47

Puppy Fix48

Puppy Fix49

Puppy Fix50

Puppy Fix51

Puppy Fix52

Puppy Fix53

Puppy Fix54

Puppy Fix55

Puppy Fix56

Puppy Fix57

Puppy Fix58

Puppy Fix59

Puppy Fix60

Puppy Fix61

Puppy Fix62

Puppy Fix63

Puppy Fix64

Puppy Fix65

Puppy Fix66

Puppy Fix67

Puppy Fix68

Puppy Fix69

Puppy Fix70

Puppy Fix71

Puppy Fix72

Puppy Fix73

Puppy Fix74

Puppy Fix75

Puppy Fix76

Puppy Fix77

Puppy Fix78

Puppy Fix79

Puppy Fix80

Puppy Fix81

Puppy Fix82

Puppy Fix83

Puppy Fix84

Puppy Fix85

Puppy Fix86

Puppy Fix87

Puppy Fix88

Puppy Fix89

Puppy Fix90

Puppy Fix91

Puppy Fix92

Puppy Fix93

Puppy Fix94

Puppy Fix95

Puppy Fix96

Puppy Fix97

Puppy Fix98

Puppy Fix99

Puppy Fix100

Puppy Fix101

It is my turn next….signed Sasha Smurfette


21 thoughts on “Puppy Fix: 101 Goldens

  1. Thank you for the “puppy fix” I didn’t count how many photos, but I enjoyed every single one of them!
    Have a wonderful weekend……………………….



  2. AHEM

    Yellow: Sunflower
    Lavender: Princess Buttercup
    Royal Blue: Smurfette
    Green: “The Dude” (He was the only boy)
    Teal: Gigantor (and yes, she is a girl…she was huge)
    Orange: Crazy Crab (Go Giants!)
    Purple: The Brain
    Red: Natasha

    Somewhere I have a picture of The Brain in my purse.


  3. Oh the cuteness- the dark eyes, the paws, the puppy piles, the window shots… I can practically smell their puppy breath. And now that little puppy is having puppies…. 🙂


  4. I. Just. Can’t. Take. It!!!!!
    I may have to visit you soon….
    Also: why do I have a gut feeling that you may keep one out of the upcoming (SO Soon!) litter? Don’t yell at me for that…I know you are going to say NO WAY…but I’m telling you, I have a feeling!
    This iwill be the first all cream litter too, yes?


    • Absolutely not to keeping. I have enough animals. 5 dogs is my limit…..plus 2 horses , seven goats..etc etc. Do you have any idea how often I have to sweep or vacuum to keep my house looking like a house not a barn? You are welcome to come over when the puppies are around 5 weeks. Or come over for Puppies and Pizza the week before they go home. We will see about all an cream litter. Sasha could throw a light or a medium since she is half American.


      • Puppies and Pizza oh my!
        Would love to come visit you and the pups…I’ll keep in touch on that front.
        I know how often I have to swifter/vacuum and I only have Nala! I feel ya….


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