Who’s the Boss

   Sasha-32Rosie takes her job very seriously.Sasha-7She herds the goats just where she wants them to go.Sasha-8This incredible to me.  She is herding them where there is brush that needs to be eaten down.  Sasha-9Once she gets them down where she wants them she poses for the camera.  Side shot.Sasha-10Front shot…..Hi Mom.Sasha-11Since this is not video I will substitute sound….. BHAAAAA.    Do you see the goat ears flying?  It is not easy to get Cinder (black with the flying white ears) to mind or move.  For Rosie, no problem.  I have a feeling the goats have learned a lesson or two from their guardian angel.Sasha-15Now she has got them up on the flat ridge.  She is an awesome presence to the goats.  They don’t dare cross her.Sasha-26While the goats munch down….Sasha-16Rosie gets a few munchies in too.  Yum, buck brush.Sasha-19The buck brush has not started blooming yet but the goats don’t care.  To them it is a delicacy.  Sorel says if it is green I will try it.Sasha-25Dublin likes to get the stuff way up high.

Sasha-17It must be a super delicacy to him.  The stuff on the bottom is much easier to get to.  I think the goat in him just wants to jump to the top.Sasha-23Sweet Pea samples some manzanita.  In the summer and spring she would not be caught dead eating manzanita.  But at the end of winter early spring ya gotta take what you can get.Sasha-20Until some bossy donkey comes and drives us off of it.  Goat ears flying again……Sasha-30Rosie is not kidding. It is time to get off the mountain.Sasha-29Rosie says……..”Don’t get in my way……Sasha-12……danger lurks in these here hills and I have to be on the lookout.”

Did I tell you Rosie takes her job very seriously?

Adios Amigos!!

11 thoughts on “Who’s the Boss

  1. Your posts are dangerous! Not only do you have me mooning over beautiful, pale golden puppies, but now I’m fairly sure I need goats AND a donkey. Probably we should just keep this all a secret from my husband for now! 😉


    • First comes the cart (land and goats) then the burro (horse). 🙂 It has been a wonderful training experience to tame her. This year I have to work on more stuff like tying and standing and then trailering. My dream is to some day teach her to drive a cart…yeah in my spare time.


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