4 Weeks: Part One

Sasha-2“Can you believe it?  We are 4 weeks old this week.  Mama Jo is letting us tell our story since she is in a hurry to go to her other job.  She is leaving for the second time this week.  That means Rockin’ Roy is staying with us ALL DAY.  SashaMama Jo started feeding us solid food this week.  It makes us very sleepy.Sasha-56We have to fight for our space sometimes.Sasha-49The yummy stuff gets all over our toes because we have not figured out a way to stay out of it.  But then we get to lick it off our toes.Sasha-59And faces.Sasha-51After we feed we get a little full.Sasha-50

It is hard to get up and walk around when we are a little full.Sasha-52

But we eventually get up and get going…..Sasha-53It takes awhile to get everyone going.  You have to lead the way.Sasha-55

Wake up Rein and Riata.   Get those front paws moving!Sasha-54Thank goodness Howdy is waking up from fullness.Sasha-57Sunny won’t look at the camera.   She is still sitting full.

Sasha-47Mama Jo says she probably should not be focusing her wide-angle lenses so close to my BIG head since it is making it look bigger.


We are having almost no problems getting places once we wake up.Sasha-45We are having fun doing what we instinctively like to do.  I don’t know why we instinctively do it but it feels good.  It is called PLAY. Sasha-46We bite each other all over.  Well not really bite, just pretend bite you know.  Sasha-40We even know how to grrrrowl.  Grrrrowing and biting, you would think we are mean.Sasha-34We even climb on top of each other and pin each other to the ground.    If you grrrrowl while while you do this it is much more effective at knocking over and pinning to the ground.Sasha-60Lots of times we like to have a drink after we wake up from fullness and play.  We love our canine mama’s milk.  We don’t get too full on it but it makes us go to sleep pretty fast.  Sasha-35Adios Amigos

Stay tuned for Part Two.    Hint, hint, sleepy time.

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