4 weeks: Part Two

Sasha-33As we mentioned before…..we get really sleepy sometimes after drinking our canine mamas milk. Sasha-32The urge to plop down and snooze is uncontrollable.  It just happens at some point in time.   Sasha-31If it is a little chilly in the room because someone has not made a fire yet it is best to find a buddy to cuddle with and keep warm. Sasha-12Some of us already like to sleep on our backs.  Can you believe this marking????  Mama Jo found this AFTER she decided to go with a western theme this year.  Sasha-23Many of us like to sleep stretched out. Sasha-27

You get maximum tummy exposure for warm or cold.  This is Sunny in the sunlight.  She is the girl with the lucky tattoo.Sasha-26Cowboy sleeps like this too. Sasha-17And Star. Sasha-16It must be a thing with us. Sasha-9Because Partner does it too. Sasha-28

Sasha-29Do you like our pretty paws?  Mama Jo clipped all our nails yesterday.  Sasha-11As you can see they were getting long and sharp.  Our canine mama went on a nursing strike so Mama Jo said something had to be done. Sasha-25We love our big new living space in the heart of the house.Sasha-24Warmth, love, milk and puppy toys.  Who could ask for more?

Sasha-19We dream about what we will do when we wake up. Sasha-20While sleeping we still smell with our little noses…..mama might walk by. Sasha-18This is our early morning nap when the sun is rising.  The house is a little chilly in the morning. Sasha-14But then sun rises and hits us just right providing just the right amount of warming. Sasha-21Who knows when we will wake up again.  When we sleep it gives Mama Jo a break so she can finish her hot chocolate.  And pick up after our first meal of the day…..and then some. Sasha-30Signing off for a few hours.

Sasha-22Thank goodness Mama Jo made a fire.

Adios Amigo’s….we will check in again next week.

18 thoughts on “4 weeks: Part Two

  1. Jo, you should know that I forward these puppy posts all over the place. Why should I be selfish with these pictures that could turn you into a gooey puddle of happiness no matter what kind of day you’ve been having?? They’re getting cuter by the day! And those little paws!!!


  2. The most beautiful thing I have seen in a loooong time! They’e absolutely adorable, growing cuter all the time. Excellent captures. You put a big smile on my face right now! :-)))
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Big hug, Dina xo


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