Miracle Dog

Across The Great Divide-7Does anyone remember Ahwahnee One Eye from last year?  Well this is the story many of you have been waiting for.   Our miracle puppy Ahwahnee, now known as Captain, is all grown up!  To learn the full story of why Captain is a miracle dog go to one of my BEST posts for 2013  “Ahwahnee One Eye”  

Across The Great Divide-5No this is NOT this years litter of 9 puppies born on Jan. 23rd 2014 which I know you are waiting for a 5 week update on.  This is last years litter by Miss Maisie Rose born on January 27 2013.  Can you find our little miracle?Across The Great Divide-6Maisie like Sasha is an incredible mother.  She did not have any problem with miracle puppy’s size.Across The Great Divide-2When he would whimper she was very concerned.Across The Great Divide-3You see he was a third of the size of his siblings.Across The Great Divide-4His siblings did not seem to mind his little size either.Across The Great Divide-8They were buddies from the start.Across The Great Divide-9They were buddies even after that fateful trip to the vet to find out if all of miracle puppy’s parts were in working order.  Across The Great Divide-10After that trip to the vet,  detailed in Ahwahnee One Eye 

Life went on……Across The Great Divide-11Mama Jo was happy miracle puppy was tolerating solid foods.  That meant no more supplemental tube feedings.Across The Great Divide-14He was gaining weight all by himself!Across The Great Divide-12And he was learning to love the outdoors.Across The Great Divide-13There was almost a bidding war about who was going to adopt miracle puppy.  Here is the lucky family.  They named miracle puppy, AKA Ahwahnee One Eye, CAPTAIN, Captain Duck Morgan to be exact.Across The Great Divide-20Captain got to spend a extra week alone at Sundog after all his siblings went to their new homes.  Mama Jo felt he needed a little more growing up and confidence building.Across The Great Divide-21In case you are wondering the BIG Sundogs could not be in the room for this confidence building.Across The Great Divide-22A puppy needs some time alone to rest especially after all that ball playing.Across The Great Divide-23Captain adjusted well to his new home near Napa, California.  He came back to visit us a few months later.  Can you tell he is still growing all on his own…. with out Mama Jo’s help.  This was the last time Captain visited Sundog until………LAST WEEKEND.Across The Great Divide-18Get set, get ready for the huge fast forward.  Can you find Captain now? He is sticking by his Mama’s side.  Who by the way is not all that impressed with him.Across The Great Divide-19Can you believe the little squirmy miracle Mama Jo saved turned into this beautiful full grown Sundog?Across The Great Divide-28Yup here he is, all grown up and so handsome….Mama Jo thinks.Across The Great Divide-36Captain is FAIRLY obedient.Across The Great Divide-35Until something captures his attention.  Like a Manx brother.Across The Great Divide-29Even treats handed out by Captains Mama Erin did not phase him.Across The Great Divide-27Manx brother is on top of the trellis driving Captain crazy.  You see Captain lives with two nice kitties at home who probably don’t torment him the way this Manx brother is, by looking down at him from above.Across The Great Divide-39

Across The Great Divide-38Sasha can’t figure out how to get up to the kitty either.Across The Great Divide-40

Sasha is enjoying taking a puppy break. She is already starting to get her girly figure back.Across The Great Divide-26All the running around is making Captain thirsty.Across The Great Divide-37What kind of smile is that?  A miracle smile.Across The Great Divide-34Since it is time for Captain to go home we TRY to take a group shot.  Posed dog photo’s are not Mama Jo’s specialty.  You see it takes patience to sit still and smile.  Patience for photography is not easy to come by with 6 Golden Retrievers,  amongst one who is crazed by the Manx cat taunting him in the background.  My only willing participant as usual is Yolo.  Can you find him?Across The Great Divide-31This is about as close as I could get to a perfectly posed photo. But there is a photo bomber!   Look at Yolo’s left ear.  Yes that is Captain.  NOT where he is supposed to be….in the photo posing with a big smile.Across The Great Divide-32Here we are again with my wonderful Sundogs posing.  Why is Daddy Drew in the background?  Because Mama Jo was becoming very irritated with her little miracle puppy who dived from the photo only to photo bomb it and then keep running after Manx brother.Across The Great Divide-33Maybe I can get Yolo to give Captain posing lessons.

Needless to say……obedience school for miracle puppy was the topic of conversation at breakfast.

Adios Amigos!!

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