5 weeks: Made it to the Palace

5 weeks-48These puppies are growing leaps and bounds!  They made it to the “Puppy Palace” this week!  This is Lucky Sunny…….5 weeks-34…….showing what she is made of.  5 weeks-33This is Sunny tasting what she is made of.5 weeks“We are still behind bars.”5 weeks-3“But it is not so bad since we have much more square footage to play in”5 weeks-2Cowboy logic….”We’ll get out of here eventually.”

5 weeks-17“We love the sawdust on the floor.  It cushions our falls, if we fall.”5 weeks-5“The cement blocks are just the right size for us to play on…..5 weeks-8

…..and play in.”5 weeks-30“And jump off.” 5 weeks-9Mama Jo likes the way the natural light floods the palace.5 weeks-7The sidelight makes for nice portrait shots.  Mama Jo says “Cinch can you look any cuter?”5 weeks-10“Yes I can look cuter.  Here I am with my baby Kong.”5 weeks-11“Here I am up close. Look!  My brown ribbon matches the Cohasset dirt.”5 weeks-12Purple and cream.  Nice combo.5 weeks-4Mama Jo comes in to check on us and play with us periodically.5 weeks-16She brings us indestructible toys.5 weeks-18Something is going on between Cinch and Cowboy.  I think it is a showdown.5 weeks-27“THE CORNER”  is the place to be for play.  Words can’t explain…….5 weeks-28  5 weeks-20  5 weeks-19  5 weeks-26  5 weeks-35“We like to sleep in the corners too.  As you can see some of us are getting a little sleepy”5 weeks-31“It takes us awhile to find just the right place to crash out.”5 weeks-36

5 weeks-25Star asks Mama Jo to get her portrait shot of her before she crashes.  Someone looks sleepy.5 weeks-32 Sunny not sleepy. 5 weeks-22Howdy jumps Rein…..oh come on Howdy.  5 weeks-23Howdy, Howdy.  Does that make sense?5 weeks-24Howdy Pearl.   I can tell you are sleepy now.5 weeks-49 As you can see they like corners and……blocks.  Two more down for the count. 5 weeks-44No… three down for the count.5 weeks-43One

5 weeks-46Two5 weeks-47Three.5 weeks-38Opposite corner.   Sunny spot.5 weeks-39It takes awhile for shut-eye to happen.

5 weeks-37You see there are ribbons to grab.

5 weeks-40And faces to chew on too.

5 weeks-41We don’t worry about sharing germs.

5 weeks-50Locking mouths is required puppy play.

5 weeks-42

Until the urge overcomes up….5 weeks-45
Adios Amigos!

27 thoughts on “5 weeks: Made it to the Palace

  1. OOOOOOOooooooh, was that all, no more pics…?? 🙂 They are the cutest puppies I’ve ever seen. I’d love to move into the corner with them. Such a lovely picturestory. Gorgeous little black paws1 Have fun growing up! 🙂
    Big hug, Dina xo


  2. I should really stop saying, “These are the cutest photos ever” because you and the pups just keep outdoing yourselves. Love seeing the updates, thanks for sharing the journey!


  3. Omg, these pictures just make me giggle and feel so happy JoJo. I love everyone of your puppies and you catch them doing the funniest things. Love, Carolyn


  4. OMG so flipping cute – you take amazing pics but then again you have great subjects. I want one so bad!!!

    I see Shilo in all of them, hope to see them as they grow. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome experience.


  5. Lost for words..
    Cute, sweet, fun, loveable, snuggle, 🙂
    I tell ya I would have them all on my lap for sure.

    Short story….
    Long time ago one of the soda pop companies had a
    commercial on t v. A small child had Golden puppies jumping on him
    as he rolled in the grass. The boy was laughing and laughing.
    I loved that crazy commercial.
    To think they will go to good homes soon, I will miss seeing them here!


  6. I don’t think I could let go of one of these beautiful babies! I would definitely become a hoarder. I know you will only let them to go to the very best families. Thanks for sharing all the love, Jo. 🙂


  7. So I know I say “Oh my gosh, they are so cute” every time I see them, but oh my gosh, they are so cute! I don’t know how you manage to accomplish anything with those cute little puppies around. I would just spend all day every day watching them and ooh-ing and aww-ing. 😉


    • I wish I could do that all day. I have to say I do give into the urge a couple times a day. Last night we brought them in from the puppy palace outside even though they have a heated room out there. Inside we have their puppy corral in the great room which was nice and clean since they had been outside all day…….so I did my favorite thing. I laid out on the floor in their corral and pretended I was one of them, they crawl all over me and snuggle and in with me like I was one of them. It was like meditation for me. Boy did I sleep good when back in my own bed…..until the howling chorus at 6AM. No I did not sleep in the puppy corral all night.


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