Who Let The Puppies Out?

5 weeksOK who let the puppies out?  They seem to be moving at an extra fast pace these days. 5 weeks-15

They test a photographer the second they escape.  May have to revert back to the auto setting with this group.5 weeks-16Guess what they are going for?   The CORNER again.  And the door they are not supposed to go through of course. 5 weeks-18There is a very interesting basket in the corner with a cloth and strings inside it.  What more could a puppy ask for?  5 weeks-19Pearl is not impressed.   She wants to become a puppy doorstop. 5 weeks-9We don’t buy expensive rugs for the house at Sundog. 5 weeks-8Can you guess why? 5 weeks-12“What do you expect us to chew on?  Toys?” 5 weeks-24“Thank goodness there are plenty of corners outside our puppy pen….I mean puppy corral” 5 weeks-23“The southwest corner behind the dining room table is the best.  We are on our own over here.  No adults to get in the way of our rough play.”5 weeks-5“When we are not invading corners we settle down…… 5 weeks-6and check out what is happening outside in the Wild Wild West” 5 weeks-7It’s a big world out there.  5 weeks-20Meanwhile back in the SW corner…..Cowboy is covering for Partner. 5 weeks-10Partner has discovered something fascinating to say the least and needs back up cover to check it out. 5 weeks-11Cowboy is a master at distraction.  No need for dominant tactics with Partner. 5 weeks-13Partner is WAY into cobwebs now.  Guess who is in charge of the pull string now?5 weeks-70Riata decides to stop playing incognito.  She is coming out of hiding.  She’s a little bummed her secret hiding place under the end table has been found out.  5 weeks-71“Please get that camera out of my face!  My cover has been blown.”5 weeks-67Sunny is not too happy either.  She is Riata’s partner in crime. 5 weeks-69“Get that camera away from me.  Who do you think you are the Paparazzi?5 weeks-45“It is time to circle the wagons boys.”5 weeks-44“There is something pretty interesting here.” 5 weeks-43“Is is chewable?”5 weeks-62“It has moving parts and it smells bland.”5 weeks-39Sunny finds something without moving parts.  At least these ones don’t have moving parts. 5 weeks-40“Hmmmm, what is this smell?” 5 weeks-37“Hmmmm, what is this taste” 5 weeks-41“It is definitely chewable “5 weeks-65Howdy can’t get enough of the coffee pot. 5 weeks-66He says the coffee can’t be beat.  Rein can’t understand why.5 weeks-47“How can I move this darn thing?”5 weeks-4-2Talk to Cowboy Howdy.  Cowboy has the art of moving down pat. 5 weeks-3Cowboy is not satisfied with were HUGE monkey that belongs to the BIG dogs is located. 5 weeks-4So he decides to relocate it.

5 weeks-75To the cowhide. 5 weeks-2-2And then strangely back to where it originated. 5 weeks-3-2“Don’t look at me I was just practicing moving things.” 5 weeks-26Cowboy is not the only one interested in movement.  Rein shows how girls get things done. 5 weeks-22And Partner too.  Whoa……   “5 weeks-55What is going on here?  It seems someone has found something very interesting again. 5 weeks-49The cowhide is the second favorite place behind the corner. 5 weeks-50“There are lots of smells on the hide…..primarily due to us says Mama Jo.” 5 weeks-51“We are learning to use our noses.”5 weeks-52“Mama Jo says thank goodness she can wash it like a dog.”5 weeks-27“Under the bar stools ON the hide is even better.” 5 weeks-28“You get special protection from pouncers under the stools.”5 weeks-14“See what I mean?  Cinch can pounce.”5 weeks-34“Do you remember it is the Year of the Horse?”5 weeks-29“Everywhere we pose there seems to be a horse near by.” 5 weeks-30“Mama Jo says the horses are looking out for us.  Even the ones up in horse heaven”5 weeks-32“Mama Jo thinks there is nothing better to photograph than horses and dogs.” 5 weeks-31“Believe it or not she photographs humans too.”   5 weeks-58Someone is looking sleepy. 5 weeks-60Some one is looking cute. 5 weeks-72It is winding down time. 5 weeks-73Otherwise known as puppy meditation time. 5 weeks-74I guess not everybody is ready for meditation time…..even in the corner.

Adios Amigos!

22 thoughts on “Who Let The Puppies Out?

  1. I don’t know what is cuter-those chubby bodies or those adorable faces. All I know is every picture makes me go “OH!” at the cuteness. And you are so amazing with a camera!! Unbelieveable action shots here. 🙂


    • Wow Will, do the dogs meet up? That is a complicated question that I could do a whole blog post on. In short answer yes. Each on a limited basis. Each dog is different. Grandma Maisie played with them a little bit when we first started taking them out of the corral around 3 to 4 weeks. Right now they are getting bigger and are really going after her to play. She then gets a little frustrated when she can’t escape from them, she then growls, and we put her away from them in one of the bedrooms with another dog or two as company. Yolo can’t be around the puppies right now inside. He does not like them sniffing around his belly to find milk. They scare him I think. he really does not have a mean bone in his body. Even though we sometimes call him the growly man (the growly sound developed after a sore leg post rattlesnake bite) We keep Yolo away from the pups until they are about 7 weeks. Then he can tolerate then for 10 minutes or so sniffing him and attempting play etc while out on the lawn. He has grown up with Maisie and Sasha as puppies and done fine then on a one on one puppy basis. Lassen is kind of like Maisie now. He can only tolerate them for a few minutes then gets frustrated and wants to get away. Just wait though when the pups are about 7 weeks and we can be outside on the lawn. Lassen does this act where he lays on his back and the puppy for some reason feels the need to put it’s little head in Lassen’s mouth while he is laying on his back. While tiny head in mouth Lassen growls and gently mouths the puppies head. All voluntary on the puppy’s part but scary for them . It is some kind of dog socialization “right of passage” dog thing. I’ll try to dig up some old video from previous litters of Lassen doing this and try to get some new this time too. He never fails do do this but he is nearing 10 years old this year and this is our 7th litter. Nevada tolerates the puppies just fine. She does not want to play with them though. She quietly removes herself from the situation somehow.


      • So fascinating, thanks for the detailed response. I can only imagine how overwhelming a new litter can be for the big guys. I remember when I picked up Eko, the older Ridgebacks were quite happy to get some piece and quite back in the house.


      • Oh yes. They will get my attention back eventually. Having the five is what keeps me from keeping another puppy. I can only divide up the attention and love so much. I’ve toyed with taking them all to the groomer for a treat but I think they would rather we just hop in the car for a trip to the lake,


  2. Jojo, I love these puppies and pictures.  They make me smile, giggle, and LOL.  Thanks for the wonderful stories too! Carolion



    • Thank you for the share! This is one of the most beautiful litters we have had. From excellent pedigree, both dam and sire beautiful with good temperaments and all health certs. The litter is completely spoken for. All going to excellent homes. All to be companion dogs. One may be a therapy dog.


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