Happy Birthday Kent & Lieana

Today is my brother Kent’s birthday.  He left this planet too soon at 52 years of age.  Happy Birthday Kent.  It is also my late mare’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Lieana.  She would have been 29 today.  I will celebrate today by sharing some photographs I took of Lieana about 6 or 8 years ago.DSC_0134 It was around this time of year.  She had been cooped up in her stall after many days or weeks of rain.   During a break in the storm I her out let to roll in the wet sand of the arena.DSC_0146Watching her blow off steam was always a treat watch.DSC_0170Even when she was all muddy she was beautiful.  Even from behind.DSC_0156Her graceful Arabian neck.DSC_0160Oh how I loved the way she tilted that neck.DSC_0159And those flaring nostrils.DSC_0159_2Rest In Peace Kent and Lieana.  I miss you both and always will.

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Kent & Lieana

  1. May peace be with you as you remember your brother and beloved horse.
    I lost my husband in 2004 at 50, his birthday was last week, I ate cake for both of us.
    Cancer sucks. We had only been married 4 years.


  2. Hi there, I’ve just discovered your lovely blog. Your mare was beautiful. I have two 25 year old horses, one of which is an Arabian mare. I’m so sorry for the loss of your horse and brother. It is important to remember lost loved ones on birthdays and anniversaries, if not every day in between. I lost my mother almost four years ago and think of her still daily.


    • Hi Lara, thanks for visiting The Sundog Drift. And thank you for your heart felt comments. Sorry for your loss, mommy loss is very hard. Something feels good to me about shining the spotlight on those who have passed. We carry them around in our hearts and minds and it is therapeutic to let that out once in while. Once my puppies are gone I will be doing more horse stuff.


  3. Your Sundog Drift post is incredibly beautiful. Sorry for your loss.Your love for animals, the planet and children is very special. Our family is so happy I found you and your puppies. Can hardly wait to bring Howdy home to live in Tucson! Thanks and adios until later.


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