6 weeks: Big Day/Sleepy Day

6 weeks-3This past week has been BIG.  We made it inside the “Palace” and now we are allowed OUTSIDE in the Palace yard.

6 weeksThe more freedom we get the more freedom we WANT.   6 weeks-4Mama Jo says we ought to be satisfied with our new big yard we have at The Palace.6 weeks-5But for some reason the urge to get through this dang fence is overwhelming.6 weeks-2Do you feel sorry for us?6 weeks-6She does not let us out of The Palace yard so we start to get despondent.6 weeks-7No matter how cute we look she is still not letting us out.  We better stick together.6 weeks-8We try to keep our eyes open as long as possible.

6 weeks-22When Mama Jo is in the middle of a photo shoot she likes us to stay awake.6 weeks-29So we will.   But eventually we HAVE to put our heads down.6 weeks-9Here one minute…..6 weeks-10

……gone the next.6 weeks-14There are lots of places to crash outside and inside The Palace.  Some of us prefer to sleep alone.6 weeks-25Pearl fights the urge to sleep. 6 weeks-24And looses the battle.  6 weeks-26Pearl likes sleeping next to someone.  Today her sleepy buddy is Cinch.  Tomorrow who knows who will be her sleepy buddy.  Maybe Partner.6 weeks-34Star says “Hey I’m not quite ready for sleepy time.”6 weeks-35On second thought maybe I am.6 weeks-38The urge has overcome me.  I found some sleepy buddies in our prime crash out location.  Gotta sleep.6 weeks-37There she goes…..6 weeks-36……..there he goes.6 weeks-11There they go.  These are known as the sunshine sleepers.6 weeks-13 I think this is what you call deep sleep. 6 weeks-12REM sleep.6 weeks-15No sleep. 6 weeks-16Yes sleep. 6 weeks-18Buddy sleep. 6 weeks-17Heaven on earth sleep. 6 weeks-19Kiss my nose sleep. 6 weeks-20Sweet dreams sleep. 6 weeks-21Golden sleep.

Adios Amigos

Stay tuned for more more puppy adventures this week!

16 thoughts on “6 weeks: Big Day/Sleepy Day

  1. Oh pup, oh pup! I can’t wait to meet all you cutesie wooooowooooootsies this weekend! Mama’s been brushing us lots so we don’t leave too much fur there. 🙂 Wooooooooowooooooooooo!


  2. I think you could write a new dr suessesqe book! 🙂
    (Kiss my nose sleep is my favorite) Willing myself through the computer screen for a snuggle doesn’t seem to be working though. And when I mentioned again how cute they are I got a “WAIT!? Do you WANT another puppy?!?” from my husband so I’ll try to contain my self…. but it’s so hard… I always want another puppy, and we only have two dogs right now…. 🙂


  3. I just couldn’t resist more puppy pics before going to sleep. When it comes to your blog, I think I may be becoming a binge viewer. 😉 I also think that I may be in love with Pearl. And I cannot get enough of the little Golden puppy cloud when they all huddle together for sleep. Thanks for the “fix,” now I really have to go to sleep!


    • Just so you know Pearl is going to a VERY loving and devoted human mommy AND there is another 11 year old Golden in the home. She will live in San Francisco so will be a city dog. Believe it or not she is not the only Sundog who lives in San Francisco. You will be happy to know San Francisco is a very dog friendly city and has the worlds very best dog park in my opinion. Fort Funston. It is right on the Pacific ocean across from the Olympic Club.


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