Freedom At Last!

6 weeks-42Finally Mama Jo opened the flood gates.  You know what they say…..the grass is always greener on the other side. 6 weeks-84There are SO many smells and things to investigate…… 6 weeks-62and destroy.  6 weeks-59This tree is just the right size for us! 6 weeks-57Thank goodness for corners. 6 weeks-56We need good hideout places. 6 weeks-646 weeks-63Busted!6 weeks-60Sometimes we take a little breather and watch someone else get into trouble.6 weeks-51The best part of having our freedom is WE CAN RUN!! 6 weeks-50Freedom of movement is all we ever asked for. 6 weeks-67The best part about running is getting someone else to follow you.  We don’t know why it is so fun it just is. 6 weeks-65This is called the sneaky run.  Hide behind a wall, be real quiet, get someone to follow you, then run in a line. 6 weeks-66And poof! We are in a  whole new world now.  We are over on the OTHER side of the yard.  We have never been here before.  Life is heavenly when free.6 weeks-74Some things are chewable and some things are not.  We are finding that out.6 weeks-47I know you know we can jump.  Because we have jumping blocks in the Puppy Palace.  But we are learning to jump in thin air too. 6 weeks-79Watch this….. 6 weeks-80Perfect form huh?  6 weeks-48Another thing we like to do to pass the time is play…..of course.  What dog doesn’t play? 6 weeks-49Rrrrrruff and tumble is the best on OUR new soft lawn. 6 weeks-69But we play on concrete too. 6 weeks-71You want to be on the top when playing not the bottom.  Riata is taking notes. 6 weeks-72Just passing by minding my own business.6 weeks-45We are learning social skills too. 6 weeks-46I am not so sure about this.  How long do I stand here?6 weeks-39Besides, running, jumping, playing and destroying we also do SOME exploring. 6 weeks-40But then when the big new world looks too scary we come running back. 6 weeks-41Right to that place of comfort and security.  THE LAWN.6 weeks-85Feeling much better now.  I got a little dusted up over there.6 weeks-77It is best to stick together as a group when we explore. 6 weeks-75Someone has to keep watch while the exploring and investigating is going on.  You never know what could happen.6 weeks-90Howdy is a mighty good watch dog.6 weeks-87After about 30 to 40 minutes we start looking for cover.  We like pots. 6 weeks-86When we find cover we get so comfortable we start to fade. 6 weeks-88And start dreaming about dreaming. 6 weeks-31Believe it or not we instinctively know how to get back to our Puppy Palace.  We don’t know why we want to go there we just do. 6 weeks-53By hanging out at the door we get the best of both worlds. 6 weeks-54Dreaming about dreaming some more.6 weeks-91Real dreaming.

Adios Amigos!

14 thoughts on “Freedom At Last!

  1. And so the adventure into the great big world begins. It’s exciting and there’s plenty to do, but no matter how far you travel and no matter how old you get, nothing beats a good nap.


  2. I cannot get enough of those cute little paws and those happy tails and ears. Thanks for the smiles to end my day. Now I’m dreaming about dreaming, and I hope I dream about precious Golden Retriever puppies exploring the great outdoors!


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