Golden Grown: Part 1

The mamas know what the babies want and the babies want the mamas.6 weeks-3-2Even when the babies are all grown up they still want the mamas.
6 weeks-104And Sasha mama still LOVES the babies even though they are getting really BIG!6 weeks-2-2Sasha mama will bend over backwards or I should say upside down for her babies….literally.6 weeks-8Guess what?  Even grandmas know what the babies want.6 weeks-10And the babies want the grandma.6 weeks-9Grandmas get to have fun with the babies.  Everybody knows that.6 weeks-10Did you know this grandma is a naughty girl?

6 weeks-15

Besides being naughty, grandma is a little sassy.   I think she might be trying to rub off some of her personality on her grand babies.6 weeks-12The babies feel comfortable around grandma when Sasha mama is not around. 6 weeks-14They know they can bit her face. 6 weeks-13……and ears.6 weeks-18And then they let grandma bite them back. 6 weeks-17Sometimes playing with grandma is kinda scary. 6 weeks-19But accepting what ever grandma does is what babies do. 6 weeks-22She looks kinda mean doesn’t she? 6 weeks-23I don’t know why they call this PLAY.6 weeksThis is what happens when Sasha mama and the rest of the Sundogs come out to play. 6 weeks-4Now the babies don’t care about grandma. 6 weeks-5They don’t care about Lassen either. 6 weeks-74The babies like mama standing up now.  At least least to start out.6 weeks-38Then as usual Sasha mama gets tired and they all go down.  This is the sunset feed.

6 weeks-39Sasha mama covers the baby back ends. 6 weeks-45And front ends…..with lots of love.6 weeks-47Besides eating the babies love just hanging out with Sasha mama too. 6 weeks-73Are they a beautiful family or what?6 weeks-36Besides mammas and grandmas, toys and food, sticks have become a hot item.  Guess who wants to be in charge of the stick?  6 weeks-32Sunny Girl.

6 weeks-34  Rein is a shy girl but very persistent … we shall see.6 weeks-33  Now that is one proud girl.6 weeks-31  I told you Rein is persistant.6 weeks-30

That a girl, stay with it.6 weeks-35Yeah Rein!! You can be in charge too. 6 weeks-41Shy but strong…that is my Rein.

6 weeks-40Who said shy? 6 weeks-42Bye Bye….or in other words Adios Amigos.  Stay tuned for the final puppy posts coming soon.  SNIFF SNIFF

16 thoughts on “Golden Grown: Part 1

  1. Beauwoooowoooootiful! Me and Nalle and Mama have been smiling about our visit all week! I hope I didn’t cause you too much work with the big big hole I dug. A snow pups gotta keep coowooowoool. 🙂
    We look forward to seeing the pictures, and I’ve been working on composing a haiku about the sun doggies tooowoowoooooooo!


  2. Oh I will miss their pictures, when it’s time for them to go to their new homes! John will probably breathe a sigh of relief that I’m not longer talking about puppies, but I will still miss their pictures! 🙂


  3. Doesn’t seem like much difference between pups and their mum’s and Nan’s and us and ours! Maybe, apart from the teeth… if we’re lucky!
    I can’t imagine how much fun was in the air when you took these pictures. I, and so many of us will miss these puppy pics so much!
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x


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