Golden Grown: Part 2

6 weeks-102“Are we precious or what?”

6 weeks-103 ” I mean our looks and all.  Did we turn out OK?   Mama Jo says there are no ugly puppies……EVER.  But she seems to think a lot of us.”6 weeks-100“Personality wise we all have our differences.”

6 weeks-101“We all like like the grass.” 6 weeks-97  “Some of us are quiet and reserved.”6 weeks-91“Some of us are a bit naughty.” 6 weeks-90“Whoa says Mama Jo!!”  6 weeks-92 “I don’t know why Mama Jo took this new thing I found away from me.  I was just about to sit down with it and have a chew.”6 weeks-94“We all get along really well.”6 weeks-81“Mama Jo tells us our lives will be changing soon.” 6 weeks-79“We think life is just fine just the way it is.”6 weeks-77“But we are adjustable to new situations if that is how it must be.” 6 weeks-76“So a change in our lives is OK by us.  Even though life is heaven right now.”6 weeks-33-2“As long as our needs are met that is all we need.” 6 weeks-32-2“Water is a must.” 6 weeks-36-2“And supervision of course….so we don’t get into trouble.”6 weeks-55“Because we have a tendency to get into trouble.” 6 weeks-56“Whoa what do we have here?” 6 weeks-59“These smell great!” 6 weeks-70“How do they taste?” 6 weeks-72“Hmmmm now that tastes like red onion.” 6 weeks-71 “Mama Jo says onions are not OK for us or the BIG dogs.” 6 weeks-58“So we just move on to something else.”6 weeks-50 “Pansies are edible, did you know?  And that dirt is so soft and smelly.” 6 weeks-52“Behind the big pot is a nice patch of shade.  It has been getting hot lately.  We are learning how to deal with the heat.” 6 weeks-63“After Mama Jo or Rockin’ Roy water the pots is the best time to hide in between them…..I mean lay down next to them. “6 weeks-15-2“We are getting more and more active.  That’s why Mama Jo says we are ready for a change in our lives.” 6 weeks-16-2“Playing on the rocks is almost at good as playing on the grass.  When you are high on a rock you have to defend your territory.”6 weeks-21-2“Or even if you are lying on the rocks you have to defend your territory.”
6 weeks-26-2“Life is sometimes rough for us puppies.  I hope when life changes soon it won’t be so rough.”

Adios Amigo’s

18 thoughts on “Golden Grown: Part 2

    • Yes it is always hard to say good bye. But the older they get the more attention and training they need and you are happy that will get it when they go to their individual homes. What is also hard is the end of the journey. Getting pregnant, being pregnant, the birth, and then raising them for 8 weeks is so exciting……then they are all gone and it is back to life before puppies, until next year.


  1. Oh I just can’t believe how fast they have grown! I sure hope you can still take pictures of them as they grow. I am getting real sad just thinking about not seeing them all together. I don’t know how you can do it! Snif snif.

    I am truly amazed how beautiful they are. They all seem just perfect. So I may be a partial granma but I’ve seen tons of pups and these really are the best by far! Good job mama Jo!

    Hugs from proud Shilo


    • Thank you Michelle!! It seems like just a few months ago we were speaking on the phone as strangers with a bitch and a stud. Then over a few months Emails were sent again and again with countless photo’s, video’s, pedigree, health certificates, test results, sperm counts, information on artificial insemination (WHICH WAS NOT NEEDED), theriogentologists, etc. etc…… THEN the big first date at the Fountain Grove Inn. AND who could forget Shilo and Sasha’s 2nd date at Kendall Jackson winery AND our visit to your domain to Rancho Corbello at Christmas time to visit Shilo again along with all the horses. It has been a wonderful journey and a fantastic litter of pups was produced. We are sad it is over but are looking forward to next year. Shilo is the best, give him a big hug for us!


  2. Mama Jo is right, there are NO ugly puppies! But some have an extra sprinkle of precious 😉 beautiful photographs once again. It must be wonderful to get to see them all ready to move on, but heartbreaking all at the same time.
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x


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