Definitely Not Professional

3-20-14-25Taking a photo of ONE puppy and having it look kind of professional is pretty easy for just about anybody.  Especially with today’s amazing cameras and a little bit of experience with animals.3-20-14-26Taking a photo of two puppies is pretty easy too.  3-20-14-29Especially when one of them is a little sleepy. 3-20-14-30I mean VERY sleepy. 3-20-14-27Taking a photo of three puppies can be a bit more challenging.  Especially if you want to make it look professional.   Not goofy like this one.3-20-14-28When in doubt scoop them up and hug them….I mean hold them.3-20-14-3                      Taking a professional photo of nine puppies can be challenging.  You have to have the right lighting and a place where you can contain them.                                                                                                                       Like this well-worn leather couch that is starting to remind me of my OLD saddle.  Natural light will have to do.3-20-14You have to practice with positioning on the couch and make sure there is nothing on the floor that looks interesting. 3-20-14-2You are also supposed to have the puppies kind of sleepy, not like in this photo. 3-20-14-11LOTS of help is a must.  The more puppies the more help needed.  Especially when you don’t have a professional studio.3-20-14-4Planning, preparation and patience are three ingredients for success.   I must be honest.  For this photo shoot preparation and planning AND a professional studio were sorely lacking.  Motion blur was in abundance.  3-20-14-5And what is the “professional” photographer doing IN the photo?  Clearly this was not the plan. 3-20-14-6Right about here patience was being tested. 3-20-14-7Right about here patience was thrown to the dogs.  3-20-14-8And the camera set on continuous mode is about all that was done professionally.3-20-14-9


3-20-14-13Another thing you should do in a group pose with nine puppies is have your helpers stand BEHIND the camera man or woman once they jump out-of-the-way.  Otherwise…well you get the picture.3-20-14-21Tell your helpers to position the puppies just the right way.3-20-14-16

And then remind your helpers to get out-of-the-way.3-20-14-17Some puppies no matter how sleepy don’t want to go with the plan. 3-20-14-19

3-20-14-20The floor is where they want to be.  3-20-14-14Once you get the one puppy who wants to be on the floor BACK to the plan……. 3-20-14-15Another puppy decides the floor is a much cooler place to be.    I think I will stick to taking the kind of puppy shots I am good at. 3-20-14-24By that I mean candid group shots.


Adios Amigos!!

12 thoughts on “Definitely Not Professional

  1. I love the sequence on the couch, it’s perfect exactly because it’s not perfect. It’s hectic, blurry, funny, cute and a bit out of control. What better type of photo to capture a litter of rambunctious pups?


    • Thank you Marcie. I can imagine trying to take the photo’s of the nine puppies. AND I can imagine how photoshop would have to help. However my love is with raising puppies, having fun with them and blogging not sitting at a computer and photoshopping the photo to look perfect. Thanks for you kind compliments and visiting the Sundog Drift!


    • Yes some things are hard to describe. The thesaurus says cute can also mean adorable, lovable, sweet, lovely, appealing,ENGAGING, delightful, dear, darling, winning, winsome, attractive, pretty; informal cutesy, twee. I just got my idea for a post.


  2. Haha! This is so adorable. But, having struggled with (still struggling! actually) with getting my three adult dogs to pose together I can almost taste the frustration looking at this. Not that is matters of course, when you’re THAT cute even blur is photogenic!
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x


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