The Watering Hole

Cinch had to leave Sunday morning.   BOO HOO.

So of course Mama Jo had to get a FEW MORE photo’s of him before his departure.   I think he decided to put on a show for me.   Except he did not know he was putting on a show for me.3-20-14From the mouths of babes, I mean Cinch  “Wow who is this? Have you been here all along?”3-20-14-2“Do you move and do you smell?  In other words are you alive?”3-20-14-3“Hmmmm,  no movement, no reaction.  Let’s see about taste.”

3-20-14-6“Biting always works to wake someone up.” 3-20-14-7“You are hard to arouse who ever you are.  Maybe I can use you for teething on.” 3-20-14-4“Come on now!  Wake up.” 3-20-14-5“Still no reaction.” 3-20-14-9“I’m outta here.”


Adios Amigos!

21 thoughts on “The Watering Hole

  1. oh no! this means the puppies have begun heading off to their new homes! so sad. even tho not really sad. i know everyone of the lucky people who get one of these pups will love her just like we do our ukiah.


  2. Oh my gosh! You’ve really captured what he must have been thinking, what a gorgeous moment with Cinch you can treasure forever. Oh, I don’t know how torn you must feel between happy and sad right now though!
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x


  3. Hi Jo! I’m the daughter of the very lucky and proud new owners of Cinch. I must tell you that he is the light of their lives right now. The smile and their faces and the happiness in my parents’ hearts right now is deeply profound. They have been waiting for this special puppy for quite some time now and I think we all agree, Cinch was soooo worth the wait!!! He is absolutely incredible. Such a smart, intuitive, friendly, playful and good-natured pup. We just adore him. Thank you so much for raising such a special little puppy. We are so grateful for this blessing and we will take very good care of him. He is loved!!! Kelly


  4. Jo –
    We appreciate the Photo gallery of “Cinch”, whom we now call Teekon (NW Indian for wolf/dog). He’s as good as advertised, better in fact. He has accommodated well to his new surroundings. Everybody he meets just loves him. We are blessed!
    Di and Doug


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