Howdy Partner!

Springtime and puppy dog tails!  Howdy and Partner YEAH!!!3-20-14-7Yup that is all we had left as of Tuesday morning .  Just TWO puppies. 3-20-14-9They were not at all upset about the lack of company. 3-20-14-8Partner outweighing Howdy by about 3 lbs decided he was going to be in charge of the chew toys. 3-20-14-10“Got it, I’m outta here.”3-20-14-6“I better hurry!” 3-20-14-11All I want to do is sink my tiny teeth into this thing.  I don’t know why I want to chew so hard, I just do.3-20-14-12Darn, Howdy is back.  I wanted to have this thing to myself. 3-20-14-13Howdy says….Fine I’ll just chomp down on some deer grass.  I love native plants. 3-20-14-14When they tickle my nose….. 3-20-14-15I have to go deeper into them…..the smell is so inviting! 3-20-14-19Time to move on.  Puppies don’t like to stay in one place for too long you know.

3-20-14-203-20-14-21Because there are so many new things to explore.  Come on partner, let’s get out of here! 3-20-14-16Here I come….3-20-14-17Hmmmm should I go or should I stay?3-20-14-18Or should I eat?   3-20-14-22Behind the fence are some scary things moving in the distance. 3-20-14-23But that does not stop us from romping in the grass on THIS side of the fence.3-20-14-24We have places to go and things to see. 3-20-14-25On THIS side of the fence! 3-20-14-27Mama Jo says I should NEVER go behind cars. 3-20-14-28So I got the heck away from there like I was told to. 3-20-14-33The stairs are REALLY fun to play on.  We like heights and different levels.  We can test our agility abilities. 3-20-14-303-20-14-29 3-20-14-34 3-20-14-31We can run and carry at the same time! 3-20-14-32We have to investigate every crack… never know what may be in there. 3-20-14-35Sundog Ranch is full of adventure around every corner.  It is nice to have a partner to explore with. 3-20-14-36Mama Jo is constantly watching us. 3-20-14-37We try to lose her but for some reason she wants to keep an eye on us. 3-20-14-38Hmmmm what do we have here?  There are many interesting native species springing up from the wonderful dirt.  This smells like some kind of native onion. 3-20-14-39We never tire of exploring this land. 3-20-14-42Dirt, rocks, grass…. 3-20-14-43Wisteria blossoms.  Who would a thought?  Ahhhh the sweet smell is intoxicating.  Even to a puppy. 3-20-14-47 3-20-14-48The smells never end. 3-20-14-45 3-20-14-46Wood in any shape or form is even better than dirt. 3-20-14-40When you find a good stick…… 3-20-14-41You have to find a good hiding place to keep it all to yourself. 3-20-14-49Ahhh those wisteria blossoms.  I cannot get enough of those. 3-20-14-52Now wait a minute. What is this?  Mama Jo says this is a very important vine. 3-20-14-50She says it is called West Wind Zinfandel.   It  originated in Lodi, California.   On a piece of land called Jessie’s Vineyard, where our great grandma and great aunt were born.” 3-20-14-51She says it is part of our roots.  All I know is……it tastes good and satisfies my need to chew. 3-20-14-53I don’t need roots.  Just the vine.


Adios Amigos!

8 thoughts on “Howdy Partner!

  1. This is just the cutest stage in my opinion! It must be hard to let them go. What an amazing gift for the new puppy owners, these absolutely beautiful photos! Especially like the one where red is smiling!


    • Thank you! The people who have not picked up yet just LOVE seeing their pups. Partner (green) is now Cooper and settled in his new home. We are down to one, Howdy (red), until Monday. Having two people to potty train….I mean train, makes it a delight.


  2. Does Howdy have Sasha’s scrunchy face? Thanks for posting, it’s been amazing watching from inception to conception to birthing to mama hood. This was a great group of pups!


    • Thanks Sandy. It has been a joy filled journey for us to raise these pups too. Glad I could share. Scrunchy face does not show up for awhile. We will know in 6 months time. I’ll have to interview all the puppy owners when I get their 6 month photo’s to see if scrunchy face has evolved. From our 2011 litter I know at least two of the females, Cheyenne and Denali, do it.


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