Break in the Storm

Some of you know but many of you don’t know we have more than little fluff balls for animals around Sundog Ranch.  StormIt’s true.  We have some BIG animals who have not been getting the attention they need lately.  Poor guys have been stuck in the muck.  But we had a break last night!  No rain for one whole hour! Storm-2So even though the clouds were gathering in the west again with thunder and lightning just getting started.  Out come the BIG guys to blow off a little steam…I mean A LOT of steam.Storm-10 Can they get any muddier? Yes.  Did you know horses like to have a thick layer of dried mud on them?  Well now you know.Storm-17 Crazed and excited are a few words that come to mind right now.Storm-18A run together?  Nope…..Chiron darts to the right.   His less favorite direction.  Can’t handle GQ’s pressure right now. Storm-19“Hello Mr. Cinnamon goat.  How come mom did not let me out to eat grass?” Storm-14I’ve got some attitude.Storm-15Can you tell?Storm-3When mom is photographing me I like to run straight up to her and assert my dominance…..or try to. Storm-4She acts like the boss and tells me to move away because photo’s like this are what happen.  This is not the wind making my hair fly.   I’m doing it all by myself. Storm-7I am a horse.  I need to MOVE and feel the wind in my hair.  Storm-5Jumping is one of my favorite things to do.   Storm-6When I land I feel as if I’ve accomplished something.Storm-20I’m still fairly new at jumping so I have to check in with mom after I jump. Storm-21Maybe some day mom will jump with me.  Her on my back ya know?   She says she is not ready to jump barrels.   Maybe we could start with a low log or something.Storm-11No GQ is not trying to help us weed the arena.   The sand is wet, the back is itching.  Thant means…… is time to go DOWN.  Storm-12Down…..for a long dreamed about roll. Storm-13“Oh yeah!!!!” Storm-22“After a roll the urge to run is overwhelming!” Storm-25“My tail is trying to tell you something.” Storm-26I can’t always control it when I run.   Storm-27Did you know we express our feelings with our tail? Storm-23We express feelings with our neck and head too. Storm-24Even though I am not a stallion I can still act like one once in awhile.Storm-28The crisp cool air and the thunder in the distance makes me a little nervous inside.    Storm-29Lots of people, even horse people are afraid of me.  Especially when I’m feeling frisky and a little nervous.  It must be my eyes and maybe my size.Storm-8Looks can be deceiving.  Because I am a pretty nice guy.  See how I have calmed down.  It sure is nice to blow off some steam.  Thank goodness for a break in the storm.


Adios Amigos!

12 thoughts on “Break in the Storm

    • Yes Howdy came down to the barn three times last week. The first time he hightailed it back to the house when he saw Rosie and the goats. He eventually felt more comfortable with them but only if they were in their pens. He preferred to watch them from a distance.


  1. How horses love mud is right. My daughter Tara has gray and that one loves to get muddy, roll in the dirt. Sometimes Brie gets so covered, you might mistake her for a paint.


  2. Oh my! I love these shots so much, I am so very jealous. I love horses BUT I have never seen one close up. can you believe that? the mud-rolling made me giggle!
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x


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