A Very Special Visit

Storm-2A few weeks ago when the sun was shining we had special visitors at Sundog.   StormThis smile is proof bloggers are real and not just phantom words and images that respond to my posts.  If you are a blogger who follows “The Drift”  you may know who this is.  Especially if you follow her blogs.  Let me introduce you to Julianne Victoria of  “Through The Peacocks Eyes” (astrology),  San Francisco Photo Blog” ” Haiku by Ku” (her rescue dog Ku’s blog)  and “Swami Zoe Yoga and Zen” (her cat’s blog).Storm-50Yes she has FOUR blogs.   Besides being a blogger and astrologer, Julianne or Julie has special healing powers. Storm-52 Mr. Lassen could feel it right away.Storm-51When she visited the horses. They immediately began to lick and chew, yawn and stretch their necks in weird ways.   In horse language it means they are thinking and releasing some kind of energy.  It was kind of eery when it happened.  They never do that, especially with unknown humans.   Storm-9And guess who else came to Sundog? !!!! Storm-8A SNOWDOG not a SUNDOG.  Yes this is the famous Kuruk of “Haiku by Ku”!  Kuruk or “Ku” is Julie’s rescued Alaskan Malamute who traveled over 3000 miles to finally reach Sundog.  Well kind of 3000 miles.  The last leg of his trip was from San Francisco.  About 180 miles from Sundog..  You have to read Ku’s book “Kuruk: The Little Bear That Could” to learn more about his life before rescue and how lucky he was that Mama Bear found him.  Kuruk means bear in the Native American Pawnee language.  We felt honored to finally meet Kuruk. Storm-48I was mesmerized by his big, beautiful, furry, brown and mocha coat.Storm-10And that is not all….Guess who else came to visit with Julie and Ku?  Another BIG, fluffy Alaskan Malamute named Nalle.  Julie….. you must have been brushing for days before this visit. Storm-26Nalle is Kuruk’s sister.  Not a BIO sister but a friend Ku lives with who acts like a sister.  Ya catch my drift?  Storm-32Nalle is black and white….and furry all over.  Not a speck of Ku’s brown to be found on her.   I’m sure you notice the pink tongues hanging out nonstop on both of the Snowdogs.Storm-38The Sundogs were trying to show the Snowdogs how to get in the pool to cool off.  Storm-37 As you can see by the white toes about to dip in the pool Nalle was trying to take Sundog advice. Storm-35 I think Julie Mama Bear….Storm-36was trying to tell Nalle it would be alright to JUST get her feet wet.   Because if Snowdogs get their whole body wet it can be a problem.  Lets just say Mama Bear would have wet dogs for a long time.   Storm-27Nevada tries to demonstrate how easy it is to hang out in the shallow place. Storm-28Nalle says “NOOOOOOOO  WAYYYYYYY   You are not getting me in there.   I play play play but NO swim!”Storm-29I PLAY PLAY PLAY

Storm-30In my own goofy way.  Nalle poetry.  Maybe Nalle needs to start a blog.

Storm-31So the tongue stays out…..continuously. Storm-5At this point Ku leaves Nalle to play and to find another way to cool off.  Storm-11

Storm-16Hmmmmm… What are you doing Ku? Storm-17Nalle is not impressed.  She still has playing on her mind.   But as you can see in the background Ku has a another plan. Storm-15Yolo is not impressed either.  The cool pool works for him. Storm-13Ku is in the thinking process.  “How deep can I go” Storm-14“The earth is calling me.” Storm-21The earth beneath is soft…..yeah! Storm-20So soft that in less that a minute I have dug almost to China….wherever that is. Storm-24Digging is hard work.  Storm-34But well worth the effort.  Thanks Mama Jo for allowing me to cool off without getting wet.Storm-4At THIS point Mama Jo was getting worried about the heat and the Snowdogs.  Good thing they did not visit in July!! Storm-6Mama Bear loves her Baby Bears.  And the Baby Bears love the Mama Bear!  How cool to have my blogger bear friends come and visit. Storm-42Nalle says goodbye to one of the Sundog babies.  Nalle the playing poet is sweeter that sweet.  And of course Kuruk the Haiku poet was a sweetheart too despite the digging to China.  I have a new-found appreciation for the Alaskan Malamute 🙂Storm-44Mama Bear Julie imparts some good energy to Howdy and the other pups.  See that tongue going out! He will be blessed forever because Julie has special powers. Storm-43Thank you Mama Bear Julie for imparting your smiles and wonderful energy at Sundog Ranch.   Storm-46Thanks Rockin’ Roy for taking our picture.  Bloggers unite 🙂 Storm-49Ku, nice and DRY,  happily follows Mama Bear to the car. Storm-47Off to nice and cool San Francisco.  WOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!

Visit Julie at    http://juliannevictoria.com/ to see to all her cool blogs.


Adios Amigos!

53 thoughts on “A Very Special Visit

  1. OMG! OMD(go)! and OMC(at)! This was so awesome and pawesome! I love all the pics, especially the “digging is hard work” one! Both Ku and I will Re-blog this soon if that’s ok with you?
    Love and wuvwuvwuvwuv! Julie (aka MamaBear), Ku, and goofy girl Nalle

    p.s. Maybe Nalle will start up a blog about her Animal Assisted Therapy? What, what am I getting myself into? LOL!


  2. This is an awesome post about my favorite poet Kuruk! What stunning photos of everybody. Wow. I had no idea that Nalle was such a goofy girl. What a tongue! But I knew Ku was a dig a cool hole kind of a guy because my Cooper the cattledog is the same way. It’s so great to see so much of them and to meet you too Sundogs.


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  4. What beautiful pictures 🙂 we adore Julianne Ku and Nalle …lucky the kitties didn’t come along too!!! she is a beautiful and special person and so glad you all had a lovely day. hugs Fozziemum xx


  5. I have happiness overload. So many things I love in this post: puppies (of course), Ku with his mama and Nalle, Mama Jo and all the Sundogs. Wow! Love the pictures that you took of Ku, and I am so happy that you all had such a special day. 🙂


  6. Yow Diz iz Nylablue here frum Da Purrfect Pad n me wantz to say EEEOWWW to all of ya at da ranch!!! Miss Julianne iz da pawsumest purrson n Kuruk iz me POOCHIE boyfurend N Nalle iz a guud furend too!!!
    Me n Mum iz so happy daey went to yer place n bizited!!
    Kuruk iz quite a digger…it iz part of da brred; dey LUBZ to dig!! 😉
    Bunderfull blog n phankz fer lettin us stop by n get to nose ya.
    Yerz Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum


  7. I came over from Ku’s blog….what a lovely post of their visit! Your golden Nevada looks SO MUCH like my golden Sheba. She would love to have a swimming pool. What a beautiful ranch you have!


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