Goofing Around

Wild-9I was on my hands and knees pulling some weeds and had taken my hat off.  Not a smart thing to do if you like your hat.

Wild-2Because the stealer man is near.

Wild-11It is not enough to just steal the hat.

Wild-10You have to get everyone involved in playing with it WITH you.

Wild-5You have to get a good grip on the thing.

Wild-6Because the second you drop it…..

Wild-7Someone else will steal it.

Wild-8When it is flying from side to side it is hard to get back.

Wild-17When you steal it away you feel proud you actually got it.

Wild-18After I get it…..all the thrill is gone.”

Wild-19Time to take a breather.

Wild-20A breather and a quick sit up snooze in between plays.

Wild-16Yolo needs a breather too.

Wild-15Suddenly the urge to use the nose for sniffing instead of breathing.  The places dogs put their noses……..

Wild-12Time to steal again

Wild-13There is nothing like stealing in front of someone to get their attention.

Wild-21Sasha is not a stealer.

Wild-22She wonders when the dragonflies will be back.

Wild-23She needs a stand up snooze too.

Wild-24On second thought maybe a lay down snooze.Wild-25Lassen, as usual, watches the goofing around and prefers to have no part of it.



All the goofing around  leads Sasha to her cool off place for a few minutes.Wild-28 I am back to weeding and Yolo wonders why. Wild-27Maisie is back to stealing and knows why.


Adios Amigos!




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