A River Runs Through It

Guess who got to be an only child last weekend?  Late Friday after work Mama Jo, Rockin’ Roy and JUST Sasha took off for a little R & R at a friend’s place HIGH up in the mountains to enjoy the holiday weekend.  Hat CrSince we don’t own a trailer and are too lazy to set up a tent the back of the truck these days is frequently a makeshift bedroom.  As you can see by the photo above Sasha was completely happy with the arrangement.  Snuggling had never been so easy.  Mom and Dad right there with no other dogs to hog the attention.

I think I will let Sasha tell her story.Hat Cr-7“For some reason Rockin’ Roy was gone when Mama Jo and I woke up in our wonderful new bedroom.   So I’ve got some exploring to do.”

Hat Cr-11“I prefer to do my exploring alone.  But there is no way I’m gonna loose Mama Jo with that camera.” Hat Cr-13“The smell of the green grass is heavenly.  We don’t have much green grass left at Sundog Ranch”

Hat Cr-14“I can’t believe I am all on my own.”

Hat Cr-16

I”m kinda looking for Rocking Roy but there is so much to see and smell and investigate I don’t really care if I find him.Hat Cr-3Well look what we have here.  I thought I heard the pleasing sound of running water……all night long.

Hat Cr-15This is not the kind of water I am used too.  My intuition is telling me I better keep some distance from that water.  Imagine that.  Me wanting to stay OUT of the water.   Hat Cr-17It is time to put on my serious face and stance.  There is some kind of a huge structure near our bedroom.

Hat Cr-18

Every structure like this MUST have something alive living in it or under it.

Hat Cr-20My nose and excellent sense of scent tells me it is true.Hat Cr-21 But it is time to move on to other places. Hat Cr-23

For some reason Mama Jo is calling me back with some urgency.   I REALLY want to go through that gate but I know Mama Jo would be upset with me.  Probably because through the gate is a bridge that leads to a highway.   Mama Jo tells me I am not street savvy….what does she know?

Hat Cr-28

Well well there is Rockin’ Roy!

Hat Cr-27

What is that thing in his hand?Hat Cr-29He seems to be taking what he is doing very seriously.Hat Cr-24He’s got helpers too. Hat Cr-34I don’t quite understand why he is taking those slimy things home.   Hat Cr-36He hangs them up like they are some kind of prize.  YUK Hat Cr-37I just found out I’ve got other dogs to deal with.  They seem interested in the slime things.  Mama Jo says that dog is a Sundog and I should treat her with respect because she is a relative. Hat Cr-42Nope she can’t make me.  I’m going to take a break in this nice sunny spot and pretend I did not see that other dog I’ve got to deal with now.Hat Cr-38Just when I felt adjusted to the new reality of another dog…..another dog appears to check out the slime.  Hat Cr-49And OH NO dog # 3.   This dog I remember from a trip we took a year ago.  I’ll keep my distance from her.  Hat Cr-44Once everybody settled down about the slime prizes and all the photo’s were taken which I have no idea why Mama Jo and Rockin’ Roy sat down for what seems like a century.

Hat Cr-45Rocking Roy was in heaven.  A bar with the river near by. Hat Cr-47I was getting bored so I decided to do a little exploring.  Hat Cr-57And what did I run into?  Another god darn, I mean gosh darn DOG.  And what do they have to all do when we meet?  So much for being dog free this weekend.  Hat Cr-56Mama Jo and Rockin’ Roy chose me to take this weekend because they said I needed some more socialization even though I am 3 years old.  Hat Cr-55I don’t know why they think I need socialization.  I let every dog have their way with me.  Being shy is not a bad thing. Hat Cr-58This dog who claims to be a Sundog is NOT shy.  When I returned from my walk meeting ANOTHER DOG we found HER having a time out.  Apparently Shasta, (she does have a name ) decided to do a little socialization on her own far from the boundaries of this property which I dutifully obeyed.  This dog Shasta has a habit of wandering.  Not a trait I share.   Hat Cr-68I guess Rockin’ Roy has had enough to drink because there he goes back to that river that I am a little too hesitant to go in.  But the river is calling me just like it calls Rockin’ Roy.  So I heed the call.Hat Cr-71He looks so content sitting there.   Hat Cr-72The river must be good. Hat Cr-76Sometimes Rockin’ Roy has to get up and walk.  I’m not sure why. Hat Cr-73Just when I thought life could not get any better….. just Rockin’ Roy and me by the river…..look who appears.   THAT DOG.  That dog has a name I must admit.  Her name is Tess.  She is not a Sundog but she lives with one.   She is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  Her real talent I must admit is duck hunting.  And since she can’t find a duck she insists on helping Rockin’ Roy catch the slime.  Hat Cr-77She is kind of obnoxious.   Hat Cr-75She won’t stop barking.   Hat Cr-78I’m feeling a little jealous.  SHE is standing in the water and the river is not sweeping her away.  I’ve got to give it a try.  If she can do it I can.Hat Cr-79I did it!  I went right in front of Tess,  in fact I took her place and plunked right in the river in the little spot near the bank were the river would not sweep me away.  But Mama Jo is calling me back.  She is so paranoid.  I was getting confident.  I was socializing….kind of.Hat Cr-81And then Mama Jo tells me and Rockin’ Roy we need to get going.  I can see the disappointment on Rockin’ Roy’s face.  I’m just starting to feel confident and comfortable.  I’ve been socialized.  Isn’t that what they want?  I think I might be able to help Rockin’ Roy.   Maybe the slime are not so bad. Hat Cr-4But I reluctantly come when Mama Jo calls…..carrying a bit of bark to remind me of my trip.  I think they call it a souvenir.Hat Cr-9I know where I need to go in order to get home….back to Sundog Ranch.Hat Cr-84I think those OTHER dogs may have been sad to see me go.

Adios Amigo’s 🙂

4 thoughts on “A River Runs Through It

  1. Sasha it looks like you guys had a wonderful trip 🙂 Glad Rocking Roy caught some beautiful trout. That is one of mom’s favorite fish having lived in Colorado for so long. Tell your Mom thanks for all the lovely pictures!


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