Beauty of the Sea

IMG_4894I want to get back to Sundog Ranch blogging but how can I not share this?  My best shot of our recent Alaska fishing trip.  Yes I REALLY did get this shot. One second before this shot this humpback was sprawled in the air reaching for the sky.  Amazingly I had camera in hand with my long lenses.  Sometimes things work the way you plan.

IMG_4895A second later he …or she was under the sea again.  Hiding from me.



Rocks and birds never hide from me.  They are in abundance here jetting out of the sea on their little island get away….making a mess on the rocks.IMG_4744This is a typical scene going out to sea in the morning.  Sunrise over Sitka.

IMG_5036This is a typical scene coming back from the sea in the afternoon.  Sunshine over Sitka.

IMG_4817Once in a while Mr Humpback comes out from hiding.  This is not as spectacular as my first whale shot up above but I like the way the sun glistens on his wet back.  Waiting for a whale to breach is like waiting for water to boil.  Except sometimes it never happens.

IMG_4738The fishing boats are like art in the sea. They sneak out in the early morning before the sun is ever seen.


……..And then lurk in hidden bays fishing for tasty treasures.


It is amazing the number of old rickety boats that still go out day after day to catch the bounties of the sea.  There are hundreds of these in the harbor as well as out to sea.

IMG_5209Sitka has it’s share of big boats that come in from sea too.

IMG_5090Some are more that big…..HUGE is a word to describe.  And I am told this ship is considered small.

IMG_5119This was a situation when I wish I had a longer lenses.  Can you see the love?

IMG_4974Mt Edgecumbe…..and no I did not photo shop the clouds to look like smoke rising..  Birds flying north…..I think.

IMG_5008On the way home from sea. Rain is always falling somewhere in Southwest Alaska.

Adios Amigos

Fishing pics tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “Beauty of the Sea

  1. Wow! just beautiful, each one tells it’s own perfect little story! Though it’s really hard not to show a preference for that spectacular first shot! You must be so proud, you should be!
    Hugs, Carrie and Pups x


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