Reel Class Charter

I have one more Alaskan tale before I move on to new summer tales.IMG_4725I’ve written about “The Drifter ” before in  “Bringing Home the Bacon: Alaskan Style”   It is one boat in a fleet of at least 4 boats that make up Reel Class Charters in Sitka.  I like the red against the Alaskan landscape.

IMG_5142One of these guys is our Captain. The one who likes to hold things for the boat.  Like lunch and bait.  That is Luke.  The other guy who carries lunch in much easier fashion is Jordan.  Jordan has another boat.

IMG_5125I think this is Jordan’s boat.  Although it could be one of the other Captain’s named Skip.  I can’t keep them all straight.

IMG_5138ALLLLLLLLL the fishermen wear Tuff boots and and Grundens.  Grudens are the black pants you see both Luke and Jordan wearing in the lunch photo.

IMG_5145This was the start to the best fishing day.  The day I decided not to go.  Someone had to get this shot of Rockin’ Roy in the stern.


There they go.  Off into the wild blue yonder.  Peace and bliss.


This was on our last day of fishing.  Now I am in the boat.  Can you tell?  I think that is Jordan or Skip following behind us.   That is fish lunch on the fillet counter.  No matter how rough it gets those fillet knives stay put.


Peace and bliss.


Now I am in the bow.  I prefer the stern.  Even though I like to see were I am going.

IMG_5239Here is Luke driving us to fish.  Thank goodness for fish finders.  Luke, whether he likes it or not,  has been named Gaff Man Luke.  I think he likes his name.IMG_4805-2 Here he is with the bloody gaff.  Watch out.Reel ClassWe got custom made hats made for us this trip.  With custom names.  Earned names. The front looks like this.IMG_4796The backs look like this.  Here is Silver Sally.  She get lots of Silver Salmon.  Another name for Coho Salmon. Rat Fish RoyRockin’ Roy has become Rat Fish Roy.  Happily for Roy he did not hook any Rat fish this trip…..but he did last year!!  Roy is a little uneasy with his name but everybody else thinks it is cool.   I’m beginning to like it.  Don’t worry Roy.  You have not been renamed after a rat. IMG_4594I won’t discuss how Jimmy got this name.  Let’s just leave it at that.IMG_4966Poison Don does not live up to his name.  He was nice enough to design these custom hats for us.   I like how his head…..I mean hat is sitting right on top of Mt Edgucombe.  volcano Head. King Jo 2I like my name.  Did I tell you my fish story?  You’ll have to go back to “Bringing in the Bacon: Alaskan Style”  to find out and see some REEL CLASS fish photo’s.

IMG_5255One herring gone.   IMG_5241Gone down into the wild blue sea to be gobbled up hopefully by a really BIG fish.  NOT a rat fish.  This is our last day of fishing.  The day when it rained and rained and rained and rained. IMG_5244This is Don’s 9th year of fishing in Sitka with Reel Class Charters.  Don knows about tying your hood on tight when it is raining and raining and raining.  Unlike someone I know who came home with puddles in her boots. IMG_4792The down rigger is set for Kings. IMG_5265Here is Luke setting the down rigger.  IMG_4786With a seventy lb weight.  Whoa! IMG_5264Luke earns his pay.  He baits and sets every line and gaffs every fish you catch.  He can do it fast too, probably with his eyes closed….and did I forget to say a with a smile on his face.  Nice does not even begin to describe this guy.IMG_5260When it is raining, raining , raining I stay in the cabin and watch my rod.  It stopped raining for a minute.  We do hold our rods too.  Not right now though.IMG_5259Here is Luke looking like a Captain. IMG_5248Here is Rockin’ Roy looking happy.IMG_5249Rockin’ Roy and his best buddy Jimmy.  In the bow keeping an eye on their rods trying to stay dry and warm.  The heater in the nice warm cabin warms that wall.  They stayed there most of the rainy, rainy, rainy day.  IMG_5272This is the most pathetic fish picture ever taken.   I can’t fish and photograph at the same time.   I was trying to stay upright not splayed on the floor like this fish. IMG_4801This was on the first day.  The NO RAIN that day. IMG_4864This is what you call a pineapple.  A dinky “just makes limit” salmon. IMG_4862But it still put up a fight.The PubThe fight is over.  The fish I did not photograph are at the processor by now.  We are getting processed too at  “The Pub” PlaPoolGames on.


Adios Amigo’s

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