Got Babies

GotbabiesYou got it.

I’ve got a lot of explaining to do.

One of the biggest events of my life and I have not updated you on my babies progress.Gotbabies-23We are doing the usual things we do at about 9 days old.

Sleeping is number one on the list believe it or not. Gotbabies-22Of course it is hard to say.

Eating for my babies is pretty important too.

Without eating I know they would never sleep.  Gotbabies-21

They all have their colors from birth.

Mama Jo assigns them colors right away.

 But it took Mama Jo awhile to decide a theme for the babies this year.

It was going to be wine but my little leprechaun here put the wine theme on the back burner. Gotbabies-20As I mentioned we sleep.

My babies and me.

But my babies sleep more than me.Gotbabies-19

Mama Jo says my babies are all perfect.

Plump paws, glowing cream coats and shiny black noses.Gotbabies-18My babies like to lie on me.

How bad can that be.

Gotbabies-15I let them lie on my face up front. Gotbabies-14And of course they can lie down there too.  That is where they spend most of their time.Gotbabies-6Believe it or not I get to go outside.

For the necessary things as you would expect but also to check out the scene on the ranch. Gotbabies-5There is a lot of activity going on at the ranch.

This place is changing.

Mama Jo’s family are here almost everyday working in our yard and building things.Gotbabies-35

She even had this man go up in the big tree I look at from the pool.

Really weird.Gotbabies-12

 I don’t mind the company of the extra people around.

As long as they go away eventually.

I’m trying to be on my best behavior.

I can dispel the myth that a mama dog with puppies is dangerous.Gotbabies-11I still have access to the pool thank god.

It is my way of cooling down and cleaning off.Gotbabies-7But Mama Jo thinks I need extra cleaning after my cool off.

I must visit this shower at least twice a day.

I love to be wet.

But not like this.Gotbabies-8Please be done. Gotbabies-10After I get cleaned up I go right to my babies.

When they are little like this nursing them is a piece of cake.Gotbabies-9I finish up my grooming.

  A girl has to take care of herself too.

Mama Jo says we should get started having some fun with my babies.

  We gotta tell you their names and introduce our theme.Gotbabies-25

How about we start with Quinn

  Quinn got tagged with yellow.

The color of happiness and sunshine.

Is he cute or what?

Gotbabies-24No, his name is not MUSTANG.

But we like M names.

Introducing Murphy.

He’s the blue ribbon guy. Gotbabies-32Oh and the theme Mama Jo picked out.

Can you guess?

Hint # 1  The color green.

Hint # 2  The month of March.

You got it.



Meet Shamus.

Or you could say Seamus.

Did you know their are two variants of the name?

I’m gonna stick with Shamus.  Say what you want.

The little man who stole the show. Gotbabies-38

As you can see that is not me tending to Shamus.

My mom or Grandma Maisie still has a strong mothering instinct.

So me and Mama Jo are letting her help.

It works out better keeping everybody happy and giving me a break. Gotbabies-26OK here we go.

Meet Finnegan.

Finnegan says get me back to my Mama so I can enjoy today.Gotbabies-27Mama Jo still has all this Easter stuff around so oh boy here she goes.

Grandma Maisie is not so sure about this.Gotbabies-28A baby in a basket definitely needs to be licked Gotbabies-29Meet Riley.

My purple girl.

Purple Rain

More cuteness in a basket.Gotbabies-34

Cuteness on a blanket.

My pink girl Fiona

You will be seeing much more of Fiona.Gotbabies-33And last but not least my beautiful turquoise girl RORY!

Rory open your eyes.

Mama Jo says there is a big world out there.


You see……

A few days after Mama Jo took all these photo’s hundreds of people descended upon our home at the ranch.

And this what happened.

Right outside my bedroom door! Gotbabies-36

And I thought my babies were going to be a big event.

Adios Amigos!

Be back soon.  Promise.


12 thoughts on “Got Babies

  1. Great Post. The puppies are adorable as usual. Hope we can get together soon. Give me a call. Also if you would put June 10 on your calendar..for my cataract surgery that would be great. Lois


  2. Sasha love the Irish names for the pups! They are all looking beautiful (of course). What a gorgeous wedding photo too! Can’t wait to see the little ones grow!


  3. Soooo adorable! Love the Irish theme. I’m a St. Paddy’s Day birthday girl living in the Irish Channel neighborhood in New Orleans and I’m now seven years old. Pretty lucky, right? And those little puppies are pretty lucky, too, to have Sasha, Maisie, and Mama Jo giving them so much love!


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