Sasha’s Story

The time has come to tell my story again.

I can only tell the honest truth.

Horse Wise-38

I try to stay happy and optimistic like a Golden should but I must admit last year was hard.

We lost Rockin’ Roy and 2 other main players at Sun Dog.  My adored uncles Lassen and Yolo.

Horse Wise-37

Mama Jo wanted me to have puppies last year too.

I did my best to make her wish happen but it was not meant to be.

I guess I was not myself with all the sadness going on.

It is hard to be joyful and think about new life in the mist of death and suffering.

Besides Mama Jo would have had to help me with puppies.

And that would have taken her away from caring for Rockin’ Roy.

Horse Wise-39

But this year things have changed.

Spring has sprung.

The trees are blooming, the birds are singing and I got BABIES coming!!

Let me tell you my story.

Horse Wise-35

The time had come.

I had that weird feeling going on inside me.

You know….. when the babies are coming.

Horse Wise I had to find a place to give birth and to take care of my babies.

It had to be somewhere safe away from predators.

Under the hot tub seemed perfect.

Horse Wise-36I had it all figured out.

Horse Wise-4But Mama Jo disagreed.

She insisted I come inside.

So like a good Golden I complied.

Up on the bed I went.Horse Wise-9Mama Jo sat with me while I was laboring.

I love it that she stays with me when I am going through a big thing like this.

She knows we are in this together.

Horse Wise-3Part of being successful at laboring is to conserve your energy between contractions.

I’m good at conserving energy.Horse Wise-2Sleeping almost anytime comes easy to me.

I’m a dog.Horse Wise-5But then things got serious.

I got right into the whelping box just like Mama Jo told me to.

I felt secure in there.

A girl needs security when she is about to spill stuff out of her body.Horse Wise-19

I felt the need for heavy panting.

It came natural to me.

Horse Wise-6I needed to get my tongue in shape for all the hard work ahead.Horse Wise-8I needed to hunker down. Horse Wise-15I felt a little panicky.

Like how do I get out of this?

Mama Jo told me it would all be over soon.Horse Wise-14But I could not control myself.

I needed to paw at anything in site.

I needed this weird awful feeling to be gone.Horse Wise-20I needed to push, bear down, get the babies out!Horse Wise-13I felt my pushing was successful.

I knew a baby was coming out soon so I had to check down there.

Horse Wise-10Darn it.  No babies yet.  Even with all that pushing.

I wanted to hang my head into the shadows.

Sometimes you feel out of control in labor and you want to give up.

Horse Wise-11But Mama Jo was getting all the tools of our trade out so I knew she was right.

The babies will come.  It will all be over soon.

Thank god for Mama Jo.

What would I do without her?Horse Wise-17

Before all the babies came Mama Jo had to check on the other two whining at the door.

They still need to be taken care of too.

As usual my canine mom wants to know what is going on.

She already knows what is going on!

  She has been through this more times than me.

Horse Wise-16Finally success!

A baby Sun Dog. Horse Wise-21Before I knew it I had five.

Controversial Photo ALERT

You may want to close your eyes and scroll a bit.

Horse Wise-23This may shock you that Mama Jo took a photo of my stillborn pup.

 Mama Jo takes pictures of everything.

I delivered her right after the photo above this one was taken.

She was pink and perfect but she never took a breath.

I licked her like a good mama should but I could not get her to take a breath.

After me Mama Jo worked on her for what seems like too long of a time.

To try to get her breathing.

She wanted her to grow into a big dog Sun Dog like me .

To be a joy in someone’s life.

But it was not meant to be.

Mama Jo named her Little Angel and says God took her to Rockin’ Roy in heaven.

Rockin’ Roy adored all the puppies but the little females where his favorites.Horse Wise-24When all was said and done I ended up with seven baby Sun Dogs.

I was tired.

I was not too sad about loosing Little Angel.

She was my gift to Rockin’ Roy.

Plus I already had plenty of babies to take care of.Horse Wise-25Mama Jo had to let in my mom and aunt in our room to meet the new Sun Dogs. Horse Wise-26As usual my mom, Miss Maisie Rose, got a little jealous over the fact that I have the babies and she does not.

But I feel a little sorry for her too.

Having babies is a special time that ever mother cherishes.

And my canine mama suffered big losses last year like we all did.Horse Wise-34This is my official “All Done!” photo.

You may notice I have a little leprechaun amongst my babies.

If I must explain I’ll just say it is a rare natural phenomena with light puppies.

My baby sac and placenta was tinted green with stuff called biliverdin.

So my baby got stained green.

I really don’t care and either does Mama Jo.

He’s happy and healthy and we know the green tint will fade away.

Horse Wise-30

Here I am getting my first meal after birth.

I let Mama Jo know I would not be leaving the whelping box for a while so she gave me breakfast in bed.

Horse Wise-31I felt kinda weird eating laying down but it worked. Horse Wise-33I felt satiated after my meal and so did my babies.Horse Wise-27Mama Jo had to put her foot down making me getting out of the whelping box for a linen change.

At first I was upset and so were my babies.

But we all settled right down.

Horse Wise-28
Got babies.  Got milk.  Got green.

Horse Wise-29 Got a great life.

Adios Amigos!!

Stay tuned for more Sun Dog Baby Tails coming soon.

31 thoughts on “Sasha’s Story

  1. Wonderful story. I ignored your “Controversial Photo ALERT”. So touching. Sad, but the gift to Rockin’ Roy is perfect. Sasha is a super terrific mom. I’m sure Kobi misses her, especially playing with her every day like when he visited. We hope you find the best homes for them. Perhaps you will keep one of the females. What a great lineage you are creating.


    • Thank you Michael. I always find good homes for the puppies. Like you and Ruth! I am perhaps going to keep a pup. It would seem logical to keep a female but I miss my guys Yolo and Lassen so much I’m thinking about a male….Send out hugs to Kobi.


  2. Oh Jo, This is so beautiful….it has everything a good story should. I laughed and I cried and I ooh’d and awe’d at every single photo. I’m so happy to see fresh new life at Sundog Ranch. I will be anxiously awaiting every new post!
    I hope you get some time to rest…maybe in 8-10 weeks? 😉


  3. Sasha you are such a pawesome Mama and MamaJo is lucky to have you too! Take care of your babies and your lucky little leprechaun! 🙂 And yes, your Angel is with Rockin’Roy as they watch over all of you! ❤
    Wish we could visit you and your new babies, but we live in Santa Barbara now.
    Love, MamaJulie, Kuruk, and Nalle


  4. thanks for sending this Jo!  How wonderful to have these new puppies in your lives and for the sweet tribute to Roy.  Think of you often dear ya,lynn


  5. What a beautiful post. I loved reading it and seeing the photos. I cried a little too but am ok now that I see there are many other babies that survived and are healthy and gorgeous. Thank you for making my day with this lovely post.


  6. You have been in my thoughts often wondering how Roy was. I so sorry to hear that he passed and that he lost the battle that you both fought.
    Such exciting news about new puppies. What a wonderful way to spend your spring.
    I can’t believe our girls are going to be 9 this month. Bailey is full of life and in wonderful health.
    Take care Jo and enjoy every day with those adorable puppies.


    • Great to hear Bailey is doing well. Maisie just went for her senior check up and is in good health too. Although having a little weight problem. I hardly feed her so I’ve figured out she is quite the rabbit hunter. We both need to get out on that road and RUN…but not after rabbits.


  7. Thank you Jo to share this moment of happiness… it’s always a miracle to see it! Life is still going… in its unpredicted circumstances… sometime full with happiness other with sadness. You will see them grow, and then you will have to separate from them…
    and yet once more…
    I’m happy to know that you slowly get over the sorrow of the loss… it takes time, a lot of time, and (as for me) still the loss is so great that I can’t get over it.
    And yes… Little Angel is now with Roy claudine


    • Thank you for the kind words as always. I was jolted into a situation were I either had to sink or swim to keep the ranch and all the animals. In the beginning I was sinking but now I am swimming. We are having a big family wedding at the ranch which I agreed to long before Roy died. It has forced me to get this place in shape. I also got a lot of spiritual help while Roy was ill and passing to help me cope with his loss. I had to change my thinking from “oh what a tragedy, poor me, how do I deal with this TO this is the end of Roy’s life, I am the chosen one to care for him till the very end, I must rise to the occasion, it is a blessing which was bestowed upon me, I am thankful for everything God has given me, I am thankful and lucky to have had Roy for 28 years, I am thankful for my close friends and big beautiful family who are helping me, I am thankful for this earth I walk on. Practicing gratitude will change your life. I did change me. Take Care, Jo

      Liked by 1 person

      • Death is just a new beginning… for our Mind/soul, dear Jo… Roy is surely back on earth as a new born baby, by now.
        It is not given to us the chance to now more than that…
        I’m buddhist, and I deeply try to make sure I can follow this life’s philosophy which helps me a lot. And yes, The Mighty God is a “Force” from which we may get the strength… Be peaceful and look at the beauties around you: you already do that since love and deep feelings are coming out of each picture you take! Have a lovely day… :-)c


  8. Sasha and Jo, so glad that new life has come into your’s to help you all with your grieving. I bet Roy is cuddling his pup right now! What a beautiful new family and fantastic photos to let us all be a part. Thank you Jo and glad that you are back with us.


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