4 Big Weeks

Catch Up-2Mama Jo decided to let us out on May Day since we were big 4 week old’s.

Even though the fresh air was nice we had to take a drink first.

You gotta get the milk while you still can.

Catch Up-4

Right away we see a big world out there.Catch Up-10“I’m Murphy with the big blue ribbon.

Huge blue ribbon.”Catch Up-3

Freedom comes with its own challenges.

There are intriguing things outside.

Catch Up-22There are so many choices about were to go.

Catch Up-21

My old Irish name is “Rory”

I’m not going to say hear me roar.

I am lucky to have the best color of all.

In my opinion.”

Catch Up-5We already know many people have passed over this piece of ground.

The scents are intoxicating.Catch Up-6“I may be little but I get the most compliments.

Mama Jo forbids the word runt.

My name is Finnegan in case you forgot.” Catch Up-7

“I am smart and able.”Catch Up-8“I get along with everybody”

Catch Up-16“My name is Quinn.

I pose for photographers.”Catch Up-11“I smell everything like a good dog should.”Catch Up-15  “I am looking good and coming along just fine Mama Jo says.”Catch Up-13“I am Riley with the GIGANTIC purple ribbon.

I am every bit as perfect as these photo’s make me out to be.”Catch Up-14   “I put up with the gigantic ribbon.”Catch Up-17“I am Fiona.  I am strong.

I am a force to be reckoned with.

Even though I wear pink”

Catch Up-18“I am also ready to go back inside to our safe place.”

“Over the threshold of a million smells.” Catch Up-20Back in the inside hood.


Shamus, formerly the leprechaun

Adios Amigos!

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