Raw Hide

Catch Up-3This is a story about a day in our little lives…..10 days ago (Sorry behind again!)

It starts like this.

Mama Jo feeds the REAL big dogs first.

As you can see Mama Sasha gets some special nutrition in her bowl.

You can see our RAW food warming up to room temperature.

Catch Up-15This week we are getting premium ground turkey mixed with some goats milk.

Every five days Mama Jo introduces us to a new protein.

She says it is good for our guts.

Whatever guts is.

Catch Up-16She makes sure we each get our own plate so each of us gets all the food we need. Catch Up-7

But in no time we are at each others plates seeing what may be left for the licking.

It is a urge we cannot resist.

Catch Up-21

Catch Up-20As you can see we do a good job of cleaning our plates.  Catch Up-22Mama Jo puts our plates on the hide because it is hard to stand without doing the splits on the slippery cement floor.

She says it is going to have to be cleaned anyway so we may as well go ahead and use it. Catch Up-5After we are done eating we PLAY on the hide and under the stools.  We LOVE playing on the hide after we eat.

Catch Up-18

It’s like our indoor playground. Catch Up-6

As you can see Finnegan is doing really well standing on the slippery cement.

The trick is to spread your back legs for extra traction.Catch Up-19After the hide play we go to the throne. Catch Up-8It is the big dogs bed but we think it is fine for us too.  Catch Up-13We start to get a little sleepy soon after our meal and play. Catch Up-11If we can’t find one of us to sleep on we sleep on toys. Catch Up-10Mama Sasha is very nice about sharing the throne if we don’t want to get off. Catch Up-14In fact it is darn right heavenly on the throne with Mama.

13 thoughts on “Raw Hide

  1. Oh my goodness. Sweetness overload. My human mommy says she wants to spend a day in your lives at the Sundog Ranch. WARNING: Once she’s there, you may not be able to get rid of her. 😉


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