Let the Dogs Out

  Surrounded by Beauty-39We started getting into trouble living inside. Surrounded by Beauty-26So we got put outside.

Our Mama’s can still keep an eye on us.Surrounded by BeautyMost importantly Mama Sasha can still feed us out here. Surrounded by Beauty-4Grandma Maisie and Aunt Nevada hang out with us here too.

Grandma still wants to be in on all the fun.

Surrounded by Beauty-5She gets excited waiting for us to feed.

  MAISIE LOVES THE PUPPIES!!Surrounded by Beauty-6She gets silly too.


Surrounded by Beauty-7When we are done with feeding we get right down to play with Grandma Surrounded by Beauty-8Did you know one of the rights of passage through puppy hood is to put your tiny head inside the mouth of a big growling dog?

It is called “The Head Game”

A lesson in how and when to be submissive.Surrounded by Beauty-9Grandma is submissive to us too.

She lets us bite her gently after The Head Game. Surrounded by Beauty-13This is a puppy game called “Pin Puppy to Ground”

A lesson in domination and submission.

Like my paws?Surrounded by Beauty-12We like to get close to the camera.

It upsets Mama Jo. Surrounded by Beauty-10We are developing and getting cutter.

What could be more cuter?Surrounded by Beauty-11

I am a soft,fluffy, white, confident, happy, puppy.

You can’t get much better than that.

Surrounded by Beauty-14We have our outdoor yard were Mama and Grandma can check in with us and play.

Mama Jo calls this place The Puppy Palace.

Apparently many other puppies grew up here including my Grandma!

I don’t know were they all went though.

Which worries me a little.Surrounded by Beauty-15Sometimes Grandma wants to play and sometimes she does not want to play.

You got to be careful.

You never know.

You could get snapped at. Surrounded by Beauty-16This is the safe zone.

When in doubt or scared always go to Mama Jo for love and protection.

The boots are pretty fun to chew on too.Surrounded by Beauty-18

We love our outside yard.Surrounded by Beauty-20The furniture makes nice shade when it is sunny and keeps us kinda dry if it rains.

We don’t mind the rain.Surrounded by Beauty-19

Mama Jo says we are developing nicely.

She should know.Surrounded by Beauty-21The shady gravel cools our tummies.

Maximum exposure to cool gravel is the fastest way to cool down.

We learned this life lesson quickly.

Surrounded by Beauty-22When we get sleepy we feel safe here.

We plop and sleep in the shade of the roses or our cool furniture.

Life is rough.

Surrounded by Beauty-17We are not quite sure why we are so fenced in.

The wire fence keeps us from getting to that flower bed over there across the way.

But we are good dogs.

Content to look out at the world beyond the fence while we lay here and look cute.

Surrounded by Beauty-27Sometimes Mama Jo lets us out of our fenced in yard.

But both Mama Jo and Mama Sasha will not take their eyes of us off us.

And Mama Jo still blocks off that flower bed we want to get to so badly.

Surrounded by Beauty-25We are content though.

Mama Jo says being content is a good quality in a dog.

Surrounded by Beauty-23Grandma Maisie can watch over us too while we are out. Surrounded by Beauty-24Even Aunt Nevada tolerates us.

We got it made.

Adios Amigos!

9 thoughts on “Let the Dogs Out

  1. Wonderful update. Kobi would also be happy to play with his brothers and sisters. Looks like some of the puppies will soon be looking for new homes. One of Kobi’s trainers, a huge admirer of the big boy, is considering getting a puppy. Are any of Sasha’s babies still available?


    • Hi Michael, Hi Kobi, oh my gosh did you know that Sasha and Shiloh’s puppies are becoming famous? They were all spoken for by six days of age. Kobi’s trainer will have to wait I guess. So sorry. Mama Jo
      PS. Thank you for the delicious bread!


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