The Head Game

Surrounded by Beauty-35I told you a little about “The Head Game” in our last blog post.

  It starts something like this.

First ya gotta get close to Grandma to see if she is in the mood.Surrounded by Beauty-36Once you determine it is OK to play you get close to “the mouth”. Surrounded by Beauty-37Grandma looks at me and talks to me.

I trust she will not hurt me even though I’m a little scared. Surrounded by Beauty-32The head game is all about dominance and submission.

Grandma dominates, puppy submits.

In other words learn to trust your elders.

Surrounded by Beauty-30 Head into growling mouth.Surrounded by Beauty-38Pretty soon everybody wants to get in on the action.

Each puppy has to submit.  It is required. Surrounded by Beauty-33We take a break from The Head Game and do another kind of submission game.  Sniffing. Surrounded by Beauty-34We take breaks for cuddles with Grandma.   Surrounded by Beauty-29And then we do it all over again and again……

Adios Amigo’s!

4 thoughts on “The Head Game

  1. Jo, thank you for letting me spend some time with the “Sundogs.” It was the best therapy and the best I’d felt since my accident. There is nothing like spending time with dogs, especially puppies, for healing. Thank you again! They are all beautiful!


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