On the Loose

Surrounded by BeautyImagine life 2 weeks ago.

This is how we looked.Surrounded by Beauty-21On the loose.

After one another.Surrounded by Beauty-23

Planning our next move.Surrounded by Beauty-36Acting on our next move. Surrounded by Beauty-38We are fast! Surrounded by Beauty-39We have learned the thrill of speed. We know how to climb, jump and basically get into everything.

Surrounded by Beauty-15We are a little short for going every where we want to go….. but just wait. Surrounded by Beauty-27In no time we will grow big enough to make it up that stone wall in seconds flat. Surrounded by Beauty-35While out on the lose we need to rest.

We find lay places where we can feel the energy of other Golden’s who used to lay here too……at different times of the day.  Surrounded by Beauty-32We like to go around things.  Surrounded by Beauty-30We cause havoc with water. Surrounded by Beauty-26We are already skilled at getting wet.

After that puppy drink at your own risk.  Surrounded by Beauty-24We are supposed to drink fresh water. Surrounded by Beauty-20We are learning about all the different flora around Sun Dog Ranch.

Which Mama Jo is very selective about letting us explore.

Surrounded by Beauty-13

For some reason she is not worried about us getting into the roses.

Roses are good and bad.  Petals tasty, stems OUCH.

They lost their appeal quickly.

Surrounded by Beauty-6Grandma is always near by if we want some big dog play.Surrounded by Beauty-42If she gets up and barks we need to pay attention and go where ever it is she wants us to go. Surrounded by Beauty-2Sometimes we hide when we are feeling a little scared. Surrounded by Beauty-4But we snap out of it and try to be courageous like a good dog should be.. Surrounded by Beauty-5 As puppies we are good at contemplation. Surrounded by Beauty-52Everything fascinates us.Surrounded by Beauty-56Mama Jo says we fascinate her. Surrounded by Beauty-43We will take the compliment.

Adios Amigos!

6 thoughts on “On the Loose

  1. S ooo CUTE!!!. See you Monday. Talk to you soon. Lois The Sun Dog Drift Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2016 2:30 PM To: lborr2@surewest.net Subject: [New post] On the Loose

    Jo Danehy @ The Sundog Drift posted: “Imagine life 2 weeks ago. This is how we looked.On the loose. After one another. Planning our next move.Acting on our next move. We are fast! We have learned the thrill of speed. We know how to climb, jump and basically get into everything. We are a l”


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