On the Wagon

Party-9Even though we love Sun Dog Ranch thank goodness we are in our new homes as I speak.

Cuz Mama Jo was getting pretty boarded with regular action shots of us.


She put us in here.Party-14At least there are two of us now.

My buddy’s name is Shamus the leprechaun soon to be named Dublin.

In case you forgot my name is and always will be Finnegan.

How do we get out of here?Party-13Mama Jo keeps saying we look so adorable in this wagon. Party-12How cares.  How do we get out of her? Now we are the ones getting bored. We smell and think.

To  chew or not to chew?

Or try an escape? We are capable of chewing and planning an escape at the same time. Believe it or not sometimes we choose to be obedient dogs and say put and not chew.

Imagine that.

Party-21The next thing you know she has all seven of us in here.Party-22We ALL fit “On the Wagon” I mean In the Wagon.Party-26It is not so bad having all of us in here.

It is kinda like when we were inside Mama Sasha. Party-28Fiona, the soon to be resident Sun Dog says enough is enough.

You better come get me Mama Jo.


 Stop the torture.

We are not about to leap to our deaths.Party-5Finally Mama Jo came to her senses and let us out.

All that photo shoot stuff is hard work.

We need our puppy rest.Party-4Back to our sleepy hollow.

Party-6I feel a nap coming on.

Adios Amigos!

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