Fresh Air

Welcome back to The Sundog Drift.

We have a story to tell.

The baby Sundogs of 2017

Names in Hindi

The Girls: Sundara(beautiful) in pink, Sonali (Golden) in lavender, Sitara (Star) in turquoise, Talikha (Nightingale) in purple.

The Boys: Sundar (Sun) in orange and black, Raj (Ruler) in blue, Taj (Crown) in green, Sacchi (truth) in yellow, Kumar (Prince) in red.

It is good to get fresh air. Fresh air vitalizes growing brains.

So we are told.

But when you are quickly and unexpectedly plopped into new environment,

you kinda freak out.

Stop and assess the situation.

Remain calm, start thinking.

Look around and put your head to the ground.

  Don’t freak out.

There is a big world out there to explore.Do as you are told.

Head to the ground.

Look around you. Some are born to lead.

A good leader waits for those who occasionally fall behind.

Pose for the camera.  First impressions make a difference.It is natural to be a hesitant in a new environment.

Go back to Mama.It is important to look respectable at all times…… …..and make your voice heard.  Size does not matter when it comes to looks or personality. Tiny is beautiful.

A big brain is beautiful.

Through adversity we become strong.

Relax and adjust to your new place.PLAY!!  Is a natural relaxer.

Contemplation is good.

Friendship good.

Absolute adorableness is good.Sleep rejuvenates the mind.

Fresh air and cool concrete = doggy medicine.We are one with each other. And one alone.We nourish each other.But can sleep alone. Being in the middle has its advantages.

Being a girl has its advantages.

.Being asleep to the world has its advantages.

Being cute has its advantages. New life is precious. New life gives us hope.New life happens over and over again.  So sleep…….

….and eat my baby Sundogs.And Mama Sundogs too.

Adios Amigo’s!!

16 thoughts on “Fresh Air

  1. LOVE seeing the puppies and forgot how much The Sundog Drift always brings about a smile. The puppies are (of course) absolutely beautiful and I find myself wishing Brent and I had a ranch like you so our beloved Ukiah could have another Golden family member. Hard to believe she is almost 9! Hope you are doing well Jo.


  2. Oh I love seeing you blog again. I’m sure finding the time has been next to impossible. Thank you for this- it made my day… and I’m on Maui so that is saying a lot! 🙂


  3. Hi Jo, So wonderful to hear from you again. Nine beautiful babies! Blue is 10 yrs and Layla is 8 yrs. They are both healthy and happy living in Prescott . These two wonderful doggies have made our lives so full of joy. Love you Lisa and Eddie


    • Great to hear from you!! I have Blue’s sister Maisie. She is doing well at 10. She had 3 litters of puppies over the years. I kept Sasha from her now 6 years and last year I kept Fiona from Sasha now 1 year. That’s it for me although I miss my boys. I bet you love it in Prescott. Be sure to check in now and then If I am ever back down your way in Arizona I will come by and visit. There is one of our dogs in Arizona “Wilbur” formerly Howdy from our 2014 litter. Take Care, Jo


  4. Hi Jo! I always enjoy your blog! You have another beautiful litter of puppies!!!! I hope you are doing well. Take Care!!!


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