It is important to make progress in life.

Especially when you may only have 15 years to live.

If you are lucky.

Like progressing from milk to solid food.And moving places.

Were your mother is far away.To progress you have to rise to every occasion.

You have to greet every opportunity with enthusiasm.You can’t just sit around all day. And daydream. And wonder “what if”.

You should not lie around all day either.And wonder about missed opportunities. Or be afraid of what might happen if ???

Making friends is super important for progress.Because dogs need to learn to get along.

It is extremely important later in life.

Humans hate it when a dog can’t get along with other dogs.

To get along means learning about different dog personalities.

And how to accept your differences. You realize what is means to be lonely when your friends leave.

And that makes having friends a valuable thing.To progress you have to be persistent.

No matter how tiny you are.

In fact no matter how tiny you are you can still play with the big ones. You should not be afraid to explore new places in order to progress. Or play with new toys.In fact play is the most important factor of all in progression.

Since without play we would not have friends. And like said before friends are important to progressing.

Even when they bite you.An important part of play is playing with your elders.

You can learn from your elders.

It’s that dog language thing.

Listen to them and they won’t bear their teeth at you. Don’t worry about getting dirty. Just shake it off.  Explore the outdoors. Remain inquisitive. Get your beauty sleep.And remember even if you are behind bars you can progress. Be optimistic.

Life can be a palace behind bars.

Adios Amigos!

16 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Jo, it has been a while since I’ve read any Sundog posts so I want you to know how much I enjoy your photography and your posts. For your information, our 8 year old pup ,Shandy-B-Dandy, (nee Lola from Miss Maisie Rose and Blackjack Casanova), still rules our roost and has been a healthy, loving and loyal companion for my wife and I and Seamas, our 9 years young Golden and Siobhan, our rescue kitty. Best of luck on your journey.


    • Oh my gosh yes I remember you well. I will never forget the story you told me about Seamus at the time. So nice to hear from you and best of all that Shandy-B-Dandy is healthy, loving and ruling the roost! Keep in touch and email me some photo’s of Shandy if you get a chance. I think you may have when she was a babe, can’t remember. I LOVE reconnecting with all the past baby Sundogs. Take Care, Jo


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